Clearview Public Schools board concerned about UCP expansion of charter schools

The Clearview Public Schools board of trustees has some concerns about the expansion of charter schools in the province.

According to the highlights of the March 16 trustee meeting, the United Conservative Party government “is making it easier, through changes in regulations, for charter schools to form.”

Additionally, the recent provincial budget announced more funding for charter schools.

“The board expressed concern about resources being divided and public education being weakened,” stated the highlights released on March 17.

“The board specifically commented it is concerned about instances when the government supports small charter schools by giving enhanced support compared to small public schools.”

The Clearview Public Schools board of trustees intends to discuss the matter with MLA Nate Horner when he attends the April 13 meeting.

Rising fuel costs

Due to increasing fuel costs, the school board has increased the per kilometre rate for schools using buses for field trips.

The cost is increasing to $1.50 per kilometre, up from $1.20 per kilometre, not including driver wages effective April 1.

Due to these rising costs, the board has decided to support a letter written by the Student Transportation Association of Alberta asking for government support with the rising fuel costs.

MLA Horner meeting

In addition to concerns about the aforementioned charter schools, the board intends to highlight Clearview’s successes and the strengths of the rural schools in the system.

The board will also bring forward concerns regarding the short time frame surrounding the implementation of the new curriculum, the ever rising costs of providing services including the implementation of Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) for bus drivers, and ensuring adequate mental health supports are available for staff and students in communities.

Clearview Star

Clearview Public Schools is honouring two staff and community members with the Clearview Star award in 2022.

The first recipient for 2022 is Mark Dennis, the president of the Stettler Minor Football League and “key player in the planning and installation” of new lights at the Stettler recreation field.

The second recipient is Big Valley School teacher Mandi Reitmann. Reitmann is also a volunteer at the Big Valley library.

Both honouree’s will be honoured at the Clearview Recognition Night scheduled for June 9, 2022.

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