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Clearview Public Schools appoints new Division Principal

Clearview Public Schools has appointed a new Division Principal.
Warren Aspenes has been appointed the new division principal of Clearview Public Schools beginning in September. (Clearview Public Schools photo)

Clearview Public Schools has appointed a new Division Principal.

In a May 17 media release, Clearview Public Schools announced that Warren Aspenes, the current Donalda School principal, has been appointed to the position effective the start of the 2023-24 school year.

“As Division Principal, Warren will continue to be an important part of Clearview’s leadership team,” said Scot Leys, Clearview Superintendent.

“He brings years of experience to this new position and will be a great support to our schools, teachers and principals. Much of his work in this new role will be spent fostering conditions to maximize learning and performance of staff.”

Aspenes has worked within Clearview Public Schools for the last 35 years in a number of different schools. Prior to Donalda, Aspenes has taught in Coronation, Halkirk, Waverly, Erskine, and Wm. E. Hay Secondary.

During 23 of his years with the division, Aspenes has worked in some level of school-based administration.

“I am excited to take on this role to support some very important work that Clearview is focusing on in the area of literacy and to support the growth of new administrators in our schools,” explains Aspenes.

“My time and experience at Donalda School promoted a keen interest in literacy and with education being so critical for providing our youth with hope for the future, it is crucial that they all have a basic level of literacy to support their journey through our schools and into their lives beyond.”

Despite moving through several schools during his time at Clearview, Aspenes, and his wife Nancy, have raised their family in Stettler and continue to call the community home.