Clearview Public Schools and Alberta Teachers Association honours 2019-2020 retirees

‘The smiles, the hugs, the laughter, the singing and the fun were a very big part of our days.’


Kim Thorne has dedicated herself to fostering students’ learning and inspiring students to reach their full potential. Congratulations to Kim on her retirement!

Her teaching path includes teaching Kindergarten at Stettler Elementary in 2001, sharing a classroom with Sandra Norman but we had our own students and job sharing with Helen Ambury in Grade 1 in 2004.

Thorne went back to Kindergarten the following year and remained there full time until her retirement.

“I have had an amazing career at Stettler Elementary,” she said. “The students, parents and staff were wonderful to work with. A highlight of my career was to watch those shy, little kindergarten children walk into our classroom and bloom into confident, excited learners.

“The smiles, the hugs, the laughter, the singing and the fun were a very big part of our days. I loved when, years later, these same students would come visit me just to say hi and fill me in on all they were doing. I am so thankful that 20 years ago Clearview gave me the opportunity to do what I loved most, teach.”

“Kim Thorne’s beautiful, caring heart and quirky Newfoundland humor has made her a gem of a teacher and colleague,” said Amore Du Toit. “As a kindergarten teacher she would often quote Pete the Cat’s mantra: ‘It is all good’ when faced with challenges, frustrations or adversity.

“The interesting thing is that things somehow seemed to mostly turn out good in her classroom. I think this is because she carries so much good and compassion in her heart for those around her. In the words of Pete the Cat – Kim Thorne did really GOOD as a dedicated, enthusiastic compassionate teacher.

“Clearview thanks Kim for her commitment to teaching and we wish you well in retirement!”