Clearview posts deficit of $710,000 for 2009-2010

A deficit of over $710,000 has been posted in the books for Clearview School Division for 2009-2010.

A deficit of over $710,000 has been posted in the books for Clearview School Division for 2009-2010.

At its regular board meeting Dec. 17, Clearview school board approved its final budget of about $30 million with a projected deficit of $710,520 for the current school year.

This updated budget, as presented by secretary-treasurer Peggy Keith, contains several significant changes in revenue for Clearview, most noticeably in the $567,606 revenue clawback by the provincial government and the elimination of the fuel price contingency funding of about $200,000.

“Sound fiscal management and conscientious monitoring over time has contributed to a healthy financial position overall for Clearview public schools,” said Ken Checkel who chairs the board.

“There is no doubt that recent government clawbacks and funding reductions have had a significant impact on our revenue in Clearview.”

“Fortunately, we had reserves which have allowed us to continue business as planned for this school year, but that may not be the case as we move into next year. “

“Our board continues to work with Alberta Education to secure appropriate levels of funding and appreciates very much the support we receive from our school communities.”

Alberta Education requires school divisions to submit a preliminary budget in the spring of each year, and a finalized budget after receipt of their Audited Financial Statement for the previous year.

Transportation within the Town of Stettler

At the request of a group of residents the board reviewed the present busing service available within the Town of Stettler and decided not to make changes at this time.

“The board noted that our transportation department budget is in a deficit position for this year, largely due to the recent government cut in fuel price contingency funding and the province may cut transportation funding even further in the next year,” said Checkel.

The provincial government has announced that its budget will be shared in February, which is earlier than usual.

“Knowing what our funding will be is critical to our planning as we go into the 2010-2011 school year,’ said Checkel

Each spring, Clearview’s transportation department reviews all routes as part of their planning process and works diligently to provide a safe and efficient system within the resources available and routes within Stettler are part of this review.

2010-2011 school division calendar

The process of developing the Clearview calendar for the 2010-2011 school year has begun.

“As is our practice, draft calendars will be circulated early in 2010 for school community feedback and the division calendar is finalized each year prior to the end April,” said Checkel.

The 2009-2010 school year is the third year of a three-year pilot project to incorporate embedded professional development time into the school week by having early dismissal two Mondays per month.

Opportunities will be given for school-based staff and parents to provide feedback on how this embedded professional development plan has been working, as the Clearview PD model has an impact on the division calendar.

Next meeting on Jan. 21

The next regular meeting of Clearview school board will be held Jan. 21 at 9 a.m. at the board office in Stettler. Regular meetings are open to the public.