Clearview board of trustees meets with Bashaw Wellness Committee

Feb. 23 trustee meeting highlights

The Clearview board of trustees welcomed the Bashaw Community Wellness Team to their Feb. 23 meeting.

Clearview invited the team so they could learn about the collaborative approach that the community of bashaw has developed and successfully implemented.

The Bashaw Community Wellness Team has members from the Bashaw RCMP, Bashaw School, Adult Learning and the community’s social programs involved.

According to the Clearview meeting highlights notes, every dollar that is spent on the project nets the community at least $10 in benifits including reduced staff burnout, decreased youth crime, and gains in literacy.

The notes also indicate that a similiar group has begun meeting in Stettler, and the Clearview board has expressed an interest in witnessing how it succeeds.

2022-2023 Calendar

The Clearview board of trustees has approved the school calendar for 2022-2023.

In the calendar, accessible as a link on the Clearview Public Schools website (, shows that one Professional Development day in October, November, December and March, and two Professional Development days in January, February, May and June.

The first day of School for September 2022 wil be Sept. 1.

Staff, parent engagement

Clearview administration has concluded a survey of staff, parents and community which “asked for input on Clearview’s educational planning, priorities and budget.”

According to the highlight notes, 282 people returned the survey’s sharing that focus on literacy and numeracy, closing the learning gap, mental health for staff and students and engaging students in learning were all important to the survey takers.

Further consultations will be taking place as the board continues it’s budget process.

Security cameras

Due to ever-changing insurance requirements, Clearview Public Schools is in a position where security cameras must be installed in all facilities.

The board has approved a system which will allow site managers to remotely access security video via a secure network connection, and which will have a “reasonable amount of storage” at a cost of just over $37,000.