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Clearview board of trustee meeting highlights for Dec. 15, 2021

The Clearview Public Schools board of trustees feels that the Government of Alberta made the right call in announcing that the full Kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculum would not be implemented in the fall of 2022.

In an announcement on Dec. 13, 2021, Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange announced that after hearing opposition from all corners of the province the curriculum would undergo some more work and be implemented in a staggered approach.

“The Board and senior leadership view the Alberta Government’s announcements earlier this week about not implementing the full curriculum in Sept. 2022 to be a step in the right direction,” stated the board of trustee meeting highlights.

The released highlights also states that Clearview continues to provide feedback on the curriculum and “is looking forward” to being notified of the differences between the current and new curriculums so that teachers can prepare to teach it.

Paintearth Adult Learning

Representatives from Paintearth Adult Learning met virtually with the Clearview Public Schools Board of Trustees on Dec. 15.

“The organization assists adults in improving skills in literacy, numeracy, basic computer use, and parenting,” stated the board highlights release.

“They expressed a desire to work collaboratively with Clearview and its schools.”

The representatives from Paintearth Adult Learning also shared some of the success that their students have had, highlighting that the people who achieve their General Education Development (GED) tend to have more employment opportunities.

The Clearview board of trustees thanked the delegation for their presentation, and the work they do in the communities.

Cyber Security

The board of trustees has received an update from Clearview’s director of technology, Steve Meyer.

To align with Clearview best practises, and required for insurance, Meyer recently purchased new software for the division to protect it from malware and ransomware attacks.

The release states that this new software “increases security for staff and students as they navigate the internet.”


Continuing its focus on safety, Clearview Public Schools leadership has met with principals and vice principals to discuss potential emergency situations in the division, and how best to respond to them.

Additionally, staff had their first aid training updated on Dec. 15.

Also, Clearview Public Schools has received its first batch of rapid tests for Stettler Elementary School, which is seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Stettler Elementary School families can register to receive a kit on a voluntary basis.

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