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Change of leadership at Paintearth Community Adult Learning

The front office of Paintearth Community Adult Learning (PCAL) will have a new manager this fall.
Kaye Hauck will assume the role of Paintearth Community Adult Learning Program Manager in September. (Facebook photo)

The front office of Paintearth Community Adult Learning (PCAL) will have a new manager this fall.

After more than a decade with the organization, including five years as program manager, Cindy Heidecker has chosen to step away from the organization and pursue new adventures.

Despite leaving at the end of June, Heidecker is proud of what she has accomplished with the organization; one of the biggest successes being the growth of online learning, though she did note that “it took the pandemic to bring it to the forefront.”

One thing she notes that has always stayed the same is the organization’s role in foundational learning.

Foundational learning encompasses reading, writing, and numeracy for adult learners.

“That has remained a constant,” said Heidecker.

“A big part of the evolution (of PCAL) happened before my time.”

However, under her guidance, and thanks to ever-improving technology, PCAL was able to join the Innisfail Toastmasters group, foster connections with Campus Central Alberta and secure funding for an expanded learning project called “What I wish I knew.”

Even navigating the organization through the COVID-19 pandemic and working on expanded services, Heidecker also expanded herself, recently graduating with a Master’s in Education from Athabasca University.

As for why she is stepping away, Heidecker says she is wanting to re-purpose herself.

“It felt that the time was right,” said Heidekcer, noting that she has already begun working with NorQuest College on some micro-credential healthcare curriculum design.

The manager’s seat isn’t remaining vacant; former Clearview Public Schools teacher and principal Kaye Hauck was hired by PCAL’s board as Heidecker’s successor and began working with Heidecker in March to ensure a smooth transition.

Hauck had been an educator in Clearview for 42 years before retiring in January.

During her time in Clearview, she worked as a Grade 1 and 2 teacher in both Gadsby and Botha, as the Principal of Brownfield School and was the director of the Coronation Outreach school for 22 years.

Hauck feels that one of her greatest strengths in joining PCAL is her connection to Clearview; she is hoping to use those connections to attract more learners to do their secondary education closer to home and keep them in the area. She also says she has connections in Castor.

“Connection in both communities might be an asset,” said Hauck.

In addition to the connections, Hauck is also working towards showcasing what her new organization can offer the community; plans are already underway to bring back the “Fleet Country Christmas,” an old PCAL tradition that has been dormant since before Heidecker’s time in the organization.

Hauck says that the country Christmas can be used to “showcase what we are able to do, and what services we can offer.”

Assisting Hauck as she settles into her new role are Program Coordinator Kelsey Seth and Literacy Coordinator Radka Bursikova.

PCAL is now closed for the summer, but the offices in both Castor and Coronation will reopen in September.

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