Candidates for Clearview School Division speak out

  • Oct. 13, 2010 5:00 p.m.

Town of Stettler

(Ward 3)

• Andrew Brysiuk

I am looking for your vote for Clearview School Division board of trustees because I believe a critical perspective is missing from Clearview’s board, one that has recent and direct experience inside our schools, as opposed to seeing it from the outside.

I can offer that perspective with fresh, innovative, and relevant ideas to further all aspects of the success of our students.

From working in the information technology field, I understand the importance of an adaptable and dynamic learning environment that teaches our students to use the technological tools that have become the way we conduct business, while understanding where they come from.

I am determined to provide valuable insight on how our schools affect our students while maintaining transparency into these operations that are easily accessible by parents, students, and community members.

• Patty Dittrick

I am the co-owner of a municipal consulting practice, and my husband and I have chosen Stettler to raise and educate our children (Zack – Grade 12, Ally – Grade 10).

Our family is both active and supportive of social and recreational activities in the town.

Since April 2002, I have served as a school trustee representing Stettler, and I have appreciated every opportunity to advocate on behalf of students, families, staff and my community.

Stettler needs a strong voice on the Clearview board of trustees. I am a passionate supporter of public school education and believe that all children deserve access to resources that will enable them to become educated, successful, innovative, contributing citizens.

As your trustee, I have been involved at each step of achieving the modernization project at Wm. E. Hay high school.

I have worked hard at the board level to ensure that children successfully complete high school and that they achieve their potential through a variety of learning opportunities throughout their schooling.

As the president of the Public School Boards Association of Alberta, I have a unique chance to be involved at the provincial level.

This spring in Stettler I hosted a provincial meeting of public school board representatives, showcasing our excellent students, staff and programming.

I have actively participated in discussions and the creation of submissions for the new School Act which is being re-written under the direction of our education minister.

This involvement is critical as the new Act is intended to transform our education system, and provide greater flexibility to boards to meet local needs.

• Peter Simons

I have been employed as a municipal administrator in the Village of Donalda for the past seven years and have served on the Clearview School Division board for the past year and a half.

Communities actively and directly involved with their schools produce better educational results.

I am running for re-election as I believe the Clearview board plays a critical role in ensuring that students, educators and parents get the necessary resources and assistance in generating that engagement.

Through my experience on the board, I also think I understand the issues and challenges facing our school system in Stettler and believe I have the commitment and skills to address them in the best interests of our students.

I am firmly committed to expanding the board’s role and initiative in consulting with the public.

Consultation needs to occur on a regular basis and with less emphasis on structure and formality and more focus on learning about issues and discussing solutions.

The board also needs to have more active engagement with students themselves, as they can often best tell us where and how the system is not working.

Budget issues will also be an ongoing concern for the board.

The board is totally dependent upon provincial funding and will continue to face financial challenges in delivering first rate programming and services during this period of tight provincial budgets.

I am committed to ensuring that the maximum amount of educational dollars flow through to our schools and this will require the board to carefully examine how it carries out related operations such as transportation.

Closer cooperation and coordination with the Town of Stettler and other local organizations and groups will also be a priority of mine that will be beneficial in this area.

The board also needs to continue to be an active participant in the Alberta School Boards Association.

The next few years will see the provincial government attempt to implement fundamental changes to the education system in Alberta.

The Clearview board must remain engaged with this process and ensure that our community’s views, needs and priorities are heard by the minister of education.

Botha, Gadsby, Byemoor, Halkirk, Halkirk East (Ward 4)

• Rhonda Maginn

Hello, my name is Rhonda Maginn and I am running for the upcoming election on Oct. 18 school trustee of Ward 4.

Presently, I am a homemaker, my husband and myself have lived in the Byemoor area for 16 years, and have a child in the Byemoor School system.

I have volunteered in my community and also with school activities which has allowed me to understand some of the issues pertaining to small towns and schools. I am a newcomer running for school trustee and if elected I will listen to your concerns and present them to the board.

I believe in small-town schools and know that they believe in our children.

• John Schofer

I have been farming for 30 years and working as an oilfield operator for 30 years.

I am married and have two sons, one currently in high school in Stettler.

I have been a trustee for 12 years and want to serve another term to support the schools in my ward and students and parents.

I believe in very small schools, that they are kept in place to educate our children in a great small-school environment.

I also am committed to good education for students of all needs and a variety of experiences for our young students.