Buffalo Lake residents surveyed

  • May. 25, 2011 5:00 p.m.


Residents of the Scenic Sands, Buffalo Lake Meadows and Buffalo View Estates communities will have an opportunity to have their voices heard within the next month regarding a moratorium placed on RVs in the Buffalo Lake area.

The decision to conduct a survey comes on the heels of a review by the County of Stettler that deemed the bylaw was outdated.

Council has given the residents of the three communities surveys to be filled out by May 31.

“Council felt that we should listen to the community that is sick of RVs,” said Johan van der Bank, director of planning and development at the County of Stettler.

After the survey is collected, the county will hold a public hearing to allow residents to voice their concerns.

“The County of Stettler is seeking direction on the use of RVs within the three affected communities based on the general consensus derived from the survey results,” said the County of Stettler in the survey explanation.

Currently, RVs are banned Buffalo Lake Meadows and Scenic Sands. The only way RVs can be used on these subdivisions is if they are used during the construction period of an attached dwelling.

Council plans to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible, so that rules and regulations can be decided on and set for next season.

“We are committed to having the issue resolved by the end of the summer,” said van der Bank.

Before the moratorium was set, many RV users weren’t aware of the rules and were using RVs illegally, causing frustration among many residents in the area.

The questionnaire residents are asked to fill out covers a variety of issues with landowners, including whether the recreational vehicles should be allowed, whether they should be a permitted or discretionary use, and whether the landowner should be allowed to apply for a new permit upon the expiration of the original permit.

A major question for the landowners is whether or the RVs should be allowed on all lots or just designated lots.