Board to study gym at Erskine School

With some concern about “falling flakes” from the gymnasium ceiling at Erskine School, Clearview School Division plans to further research

With some concern about “falling flakes” from the gymnasium ceiling at Erskine School, Clearview School Division plans to further research the issue.

At its meeting Monday, trustees instructed the Clearview administration to examine the falling fragments, though they aren’t immediately considered a health risk.

“The materials do not, based on data available, pose a general health risk to students, staff or our community,” superintendent John Bailey said in a report to the board.

With pictures, he showed that the design of the ceiling provides a barrier between the insulation and the gym, but openings in the wood slats and wire mesh still allow materials to fall down into the gym area.

When associate superintendent Peter Neale and maintenance director Russ McKay inspected the building, school staff, including principal Deb Spiller, weren’t concerned with the problem, Neale said.

“The custodian did not note any concerns and the principal didn’t say it was a concern, but she did acknowledge that it was a bit of a nuisance.”

He said administration plans to present options at the board’s next meeting in mid-September.

The issue was raised one week earlier when trustee Yvette Cassidy expressed concern when she was at the school during a “community consultation meeting” in the spring and suspected the issue was a health risk.

Fuelling in Bashaw

A concern about Clearview buses fuelling in Bashaw has turned into “a non-issue,” the board reported.

After trustees questioned a case of buses fuelling in Bashaw, during the previous board meeting, the associate superintendent explained the driver for Donalda fuelled up in Bashaw during special circumstances in that community three times last February.

“We don’t expect this to happen again,” said Neale, who had discussed the issue with the driver and the transportation manager.

While the board is considering a fuel stop in Donalda, that could be located in the village’s public works yard.

Board chairman Ken Checkel said Mayor Bruce Gartside supports the concept, though the two Donalda councillors oppose it.

Instead, superintendent Bailey said he spoke with the County of Stettler administrator Tim Fox, who said the county would support such a stop at the Donalda fire hall.

Board supports road improvement

Trustees approved a staff recommendation to support a road-improvement tax proposed by the Town of Stettler to pave 50 Avenue in the northeast part of town, where Clearview has its bus yard. It’s projected to cost the school division $26,858.48, which will be paid for from the 2013-14 budget.