Blaze burns barn to ground in Donalda

An errant ember from a burn pit on a property near Donalda resulted in not only a sizable grass fire, but the destruction of a barn as well.

Crews from Stettler Regional Fire and Rescue stations 1, 2 and 3 responded to the fire.

Fire crews were on scene for more than seven hours battling the fire, which destroyed the barn and consumed several acres of wild land, the department reported.

Fire ban in place

On April 17, Fire Chief Mark Dennis put a fire advisory in place to battle the dry spring conditions.

The advisory prohibits the issuance of new fire permits, though allows previously issued to complete their burns within the allotted time period. It also allows for essential burning in burning barrels, which have metal mesh screens to prevent the escape of embers that could start a fire like the one near Donalda. Screen openings cannot be larger than 15 milimetres.

Fire pits contained by non-combustible material with a mesh covering (with the same rules as the burning barrels) continue to be allowed.

The fire advisory is in place until further notice.