Bar Harbour devotees (left to right) Don Gillespie

Bar Harbour devotees (left to right) Don Gillespie

Bar Harbour Camp raises funds for new projects

The Bar Harbour Camp held its open house on Oct. 7 to inform the community of new projects in the pipeline for spring 2016.

The Bar Harbour Camp held its open house on Wednesday, Oct. 7 to inform the community of new projects in the pipeline and raised funds for the same, scheduled for spring 2016.

The open house was an opportunity for the Bar Harbour board members to share the accomplishments in 2015 as well as to inform visitors and potential camp families of the support needed to complete some of the new projects that have been planned for 2016.

It was a fundraising evening with a silent auction, dessert and coffee and camp tours.

Among the many projects planned, some of them are considered urgent by board members.

“The biggest, and most immediate, project that we are working on is the refurbishment of the current bathrooms and the construction of a new bathroom facility at the dining hall building,” said Helen Reed, board member, Bar Harbour Camp. “We are also hoping to replace some of the older cabins, but an important task that is being negotiated is the re-roofing of the staff accommodations area.”

Although the camp applies for grants, there is a shortage of funds to take upon and complete all the projects that the camp has in mind.

“We are asking for donations and approaching local community groups, although we also apply for grants wherever we can,” continued Reed. “The roofing project is being considered by a men’s group at the Camrose United Church, who have been active supporters of the camp over the last few years.”

The total funds raised were $1,700, which according to Reed would be used for some of the new projects.

“These funds will probably go toward some of the program projects, such as the construction of a Gaga Ball Pit, supplies such as paddles and lifejackets for the canoeing program, or the low ropes project, depending on how much is left,” said Reed.

Having been involved with the camp since 2001, Reed is hopeful that the roofing project is completed in the spring of 2016.

“It would also be wonderful to have the bathroom refurbishment done too, but we anticipate that the new bathroom project may take a couple of years,” added Reed.

With the Bar Harbour Camp board committed to improving the program for 2016, tentatively planned projects are expected to be completed by the beginning of July 2016.

“I’m very pleased to be around to see the involvement of people who were campers 20 years ago who then went on to be junior counsellors and/or paid staff and who now volunteer for work-bees and/or serve on the board and/or bring their own kids to camp,” said Jan Richardson, minister at Stettler United Church. “I’ve helped at camp, usually for a week at a time, various times over my 20 years of ministry.”

Richardson explained that her role usually involves in teaching about spiritual practices, which is an extension of her paid ministry position that the congregation covers because they want to invest in this form of Christian education and outreach.