Bad barbecue behaviour leads to jail sentence for Izairi

The victims of a September 2014 barbecue bruhaha are relieved the ordeal is over.

The victims of a September 2014 barbecue bruhaha are relieved the ordeal is over after the accused, Jusaf Izairi, changed his not-guilty plea to guilty after an evidentiary hearing at Alberta Provincial Court on Thursday, July 24.

Izairi was facing a charge each of break and enter, uttering threats and possession of a weapon, as well as five charges of assault with a weapon and two charges of assault stemming from an incident at an Aug. 31-Sept. 1 barbecue at his then-neighbour’s home.

Izairi and his lawyer asked for a recess after some of the Crown’s witnesses had testified during an evidentiary hearing, which would determine if the Crown had enough evidence to go to trial.

When they returned, Izairi changed his plea from not guilty to guilty.

The circumstances of the incident, as revealed during the hearing, are subject to a publication ban.

However, as part of the arrangement with the Crown made during the recess, Izairi pleaded guilty to to three of the assaults with a weapon (bear spray), one assault, and one utter threats. The remaining charges were dismissed.

Judge B.D. Rosborough sentenced Izairi to a total of nine months in jail for the crimes, which was satisfied by time served as Izairi has been in custody for 283 days as of the hearing.

However, Izairi remains in jail pending additional criminal matters before the Crown.

Once he is free, Izairi will be subject to an 18-month-long probation, during which time he is under a complete weapons and alcohol ban. In addition to this, he is banned from possessing a weapon for 10 years, and must provide DNA to the national databank.

The victim surcharges Izairi will be required to pay will come in at roughly $500.

Delayed sentencing

Judge Rosborough accepted a guilty plea from Gerald L. Serbier on two charges, one of careless driving and one of mischief, though the sentencing itself was delayed. A charge of failure to stop at the scene of a collision was withdrawn by the Crown.

In requesting the delayed sentencing, Serbier’s counsel explained that Serbier is a welder, and his job requires him to travel. He currently has a job lined up, which he will need to finish in order to pay the victim surcharge fines that will come with the guilty plea.

As the penalties for the crimes in question come with an automatic year-long driving ban, Serbier would be unable to complete the job if the sentencing was done that day.

Rosborough agreed, commending Serbier for his straight-forwardness in explaining why he needs his licence at present, and for the short order of appearances before the Judge to see the matter resolved.

Serbier will reappear in Stettler court on Oct. 13 to be sentenced.

Warrants issued

Several individuals did not appear at Court as required to by the charges laid against them, and thus the Judge issued warrants for their arrest. Four warrants were issued at the end of session.