Alberta RCMP updates ‘Data and Innovation web page’

Statistics, including numbers for Stettler, are uploaded on a quarterly basis

Alberta RCMP updates ‘Data and Innovation web page’

As part of a commitment to ‘community engagement, transparency and accountability’, the Alberta RCMP launched the Data and Innovation web page in April of this year.

Statistics are uploaded on a quarterly basis.

Click here and check under ‘Data’ for Stettler numbers –

“I think it’s good to have any kind of communication piece with the public,” said Sgt. Philip Penny of the Stettler RCMP detachment. “So it’s a way for us to communicate to the public that this is what is happening in your area – to a certain extent,” he said. “We don’t put every crime on there – we put in, specifically, property-related offences such as mischiefs, thefts and break and enters.”

The second quarter updates are available and the web page also highlights key crime statistics and information on crime reduction policing initiatives across Alberta.

“The way crime mapping works is that we communicate the information, but only for a portion of time. The public can only see two week’s worth of information. The reason it’s only two weeks is that, you can imagine if someone has moved to a neighbourhood or community and if they saw everything over the past years, they probably wouldn’t move there. That’s one of the reasons it’s (reduced) down to the two-week period.”

An exception to that rule would be the posting of a missing persons case, for example.

“Essentially it’s a tool to show what’s out there and what is happening in the area,” he said, adding that locally, the crime mapping tool has been in use for about a year. “We also work with our community partners and they provide us the ability for the public to access the crime map through their web sites as well,” he said.

“Now, when it comes to some of our rural areas, we don’t put a pin exactly where (the crime) happened. We put it roughly to the nearest intersection,” he explained.

The Alberta RCMP Crime Map was launched mid-2018 and has had nearly 2.4 million views.

“A dynamic, provincially-coordinated crime reduction program, supported by intelligence shared with our law enforcement and government partners, will reduce calls for service and decrease crime – keeping Albertans safe. In addition to advancements in our policing initiatives, we are committed to being transparent and inclusive with the citizens we serve,” said Supt. Peter Tewfik, officer in charge, Alberta RCMP Crime Reduction Strategy.

In support of the Alberta RCMP Crime Reduction Strategy, various initiatives have also been implemented including the creation of rural Crime Reduction Units across the province, Project Lock-Up, #WantedWednesday and now, the Data and Innovation web page.

Speaking of Project Lock-Up, Penny also mentioned the importance of never leaving valuables in plain site within a vehicle.

Recently, during the evening hours of Sept. 12th, at least four people prowled an area encompassing 53rd St. to 59th St. and 50th Ave. to 51st Ave. in Stettler, stealing a variety of items from unlocked vehicles.

“These small measures can really go a long ways,” said Penny of ensuring first that vehicles doors are locked and also that nothing valuable is left on the seats.

“Some people leave valuables in their vehicles, which can be anything from computers to wallets to purses. I often suggest that if there is nothing in there someone would want, the odds are they aren’t going to break into the vehicle.

“Very simple steps could lead to not being victimized.”


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