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Alberta RCMP remind drivers to plan ahead, not drive impaired

Graham: ‘Don’t be the reason someone doesn’t make it home for the holidays.’

The Alberta RCMP is working to ensure drivers make it home to their loved ones this holiday season.

Using traffic education and enforcement initiatives, the RCMP will be on conducting patrols on Alberta’s highways throughout the month of December, removing impaired drivers from the province’s roads and making sure they are charged appropriately.

According to a recent release from the provincial RCMP, 560 impaired drivers were stopped in 2020.

“Every time you get behind the wheel under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you not only risk your own safety, but also the safety of others,” said Superintendent Gary Graham, of Alberta RCMP Traffic Services.

“Don’t be the reason someone doesn’t make it home for the holidays.”

RCMP Traffic Services asks all drivers to remember that driving under the influence impairs judgement and reaction time, and is a criminal offence.

Further, the Alberta RCMP use mandatory alcohol screening at the roadside to “deter and detect impaired drivers.”

“If you are pulled over at a check stop, you can expect to provide a breath sample,” the release stated.

“Impaired driving is always preventable and can always be avoided. Call a taxi or a rideshare service, use a designated driver, or stay the night.”

In Alberta, drivers under the Graduated Drivers License program have a zero-tolerance limit for driving while impaired.

Anyone witnessing suspected impaired driving is asked to call 911.