Stettler County

Alberta Ombudsman closes complaint against County of Stettler

The Ombudsman provides independent investigation into complaints of mistreatment in the public sector

On Oct. 8 an investigator for the Alberta Ombudsman announced that they had closed the case of a complaint against the County of Stettler and has so advised all parties.

The Alberta Ombudsman provides independent investigation into complaints of mistreatment in the public sector, according to a release.

The Ombudsman also works to ensure fair treatment through independent investigations, recommendations and education for all Albertans.

”They listen to complaints and investigate decisions made by organizations and authorities identified in the Ombudsman Act. The Alberta Ombudsman is impartial, operating independently from the Alberta government, political parties and individual elected officials.”

The investigator for the Alberta Ombudsman wrote, “I would like to thank you Andrew Brysiuk and Ms. Cassidy for meeting with me on August 18, 2021, and for providing me with the additional information on several occasions. The openness and cooperation you extended to our office assisted my analysis of this case, and was greatly appreciated.”

The investigation by the Alberta Ombudsman into the County began in August 2021, and concluded Oct. 8.

“We are not surprised by the conclusion of this investigation and the closing of the file with no fault being found against the County of Stettler. The County of Stettler operates professionally and is well-managed by staff within the parameters outlined in the Municipal Government Act,” said Reeve Larry Clarke.

“Our municipality is well respected and cooperative in assisting our ratepayers, our peers, and governing bodies – as supported by the communications received from the office of the Alberta Ombudsman.

The CAO for the County of Stettler, Yvette Cassidy added, “The Alberta Ombudsman carries out an important, impartial role in democracy ensuring all citizens are treated fairly. The County of Stettler values their independent and unbiased role in the review process.”

The Role of the Alberta Ombudsman: every Albertan has the right to be treated fairly in the provision of public services. The Ombudsman protects this right by promoting standards of fairness and has the authority to make recommendations if an investigation reveals unfairness.

The investigator also noted the closure of this file does not prevent the complainant from contacting their offices again with future concerns.

Editor’s note: This story has been changed from its original publication at the request of the Alberta Ombudsman’s office to remove the complainants’ names. The Alberta Ombudsman’s office requests that the investigations remain confidential so people are not deterred from making complaints. The County of Stettler also respected this request, and changed their original press release on the matter.