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Alberta Biobord opens small investor opportunity

‘So many people, particularly here in Stettler, have approached us wanting to be involved’

Alberta Biobord Corp. – which is setting up shop in Stettler – has announced that it is opening small investor opportunities via the Equivesto online equity crowdfunding portal.

“Registered investors will be limited to purchases of up to $2,500 worth of shares at $2 per share while qualified investors will be eligible to purchase up to $5,000 in shares. We will be encouraging all Crowd Fund investors to purchase in blocks of $500 to the total amount they are comfortable with in order to keep our accounting and tracking manageable.” said George Clark, president and CEO of Alberta Biobord.

“Following the conclusion of our successful first round of SEED investment, we are opening this next round for Albertans who see a future in this province. So many people, particularly here in Stettler, have approached us wanting to be involved that we really felt this would offer an excellent opportunity to the community to be a part of the company.”

Details of the offer are only available via registration and request at Interested investors need to register with Equivesto, their frequently asked questions can be located at

“Equity crowdfunding is new for many of us but we felt that this approach would offer Stettler and area residents the opportunity to work with Alberta Biobord towards our mutual benefit and success,” added Lorne Murfitt, VP Logistics.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to move to this stage of our development. We are now preparing details to file our development plans with the County of Stettler and we’re ready to move forward in building our business and being an integral part of this community.”

The Alberta Biobord link to register with Equivesto is