A Look Back - Stettler Independent Archive Files

A Look Back – Stettler Independent Archive Files

Orginally Submitted By Margaret Connon and Mary-Jane Jackson Updated by: Landin Chambers

First Week Of February

2008 – 10 YEARS AGO

– Stettler Town Council passes a $31,018,750 Capital Budget, the largest seen to date. $22.5 million of this was for the Stettler Water Treatment Plant, of which $19,788,750 was funded through government grants.

1998 – 20 YEARS AGO

– The Town and County of Stettler now have 911 service available to them for any emergency. After weeks of testing, Feb. 4 was the official launch of the emergency service. Emergency calls will be answered in a Red Deer call centre where an operator will ask caller which emergency service they require: ambulance, fire or police.

1988 – 30 YEARS AGO

– Five Stettlerites—Bridie Forde, Rod Dand, Justin Holton, Gail Walker and Blair Schiffner will join other Canadians as Olympic torch bearers.

1978 – 40 YEARS AGO

– The auditorium of Stettler United Church was filled Sunday morning as the congregation celebrated the 50th anniversary of the church building’s dedication. A number of former residents came back for the special service.

1968 – 50 YEARS AGO

– Stettler’s town census reveals a population of 4,351, an increase of 368 over 1967. A large portion of the increase is due to annexation of land from the county.

1958 – 60 YEARS AGO

– A 4-H Dairy Club has been organized under the direction of Mrs. Willard Hallet.

1948 – 70 YEARS AGO

– The village of Donalda has several red quarantine signs tacked on doors this week owing to a siege of whooping cough.

1938 – 80 YEARS AGO

– Botha CGIT sponsored a sleighing party Saturday night and a jolly crowd was present. Mr. Bassler loaned a team for the party.

1928 – 90 YEARS AGO

– The event of the week was the opening and dedication of the new United Church. It is a nice, compact building costing over $20,000., fully equipped.

1918 – 100 YEARS AGO

– A few prices taken from a dry goods advertisement: White woollen blankets — $5.00 a pair, Women’s skirts – trimmed with buttons or military braid — $3.50, Girls’ Muff and Stole Sets – Persian Lamb — $1.65, Women’s black spats — 50 cents, Ladies’ Underwear – Vests and drawers — 50 cents.

1908 – 110 YEARS AGO

– Last night the citizens entertained the rink of curlers that went to the Dominion Bowl. The rink which was skipped by R.J Ferguson, was comprised of McBrine, Burdick and Dunlap. Even though they did not bring back all the trophies, they gained a number of prizes and showed that the Stettler Curling Club had some good stuff in it.