Sam Rietman and the other technicians at AutoTrust will get your vehicle ready for a summer road trip.

Sam Rietman and the other technicians at AutoTrust will get your vehicle ready for a summer road trip.

Road trip! Is your car ready?

Handle roadside emergencies like a pro with these tips from a Stettler mechanic

The best time to bring your car to the mechanic is BEFORE your summer road trip, not during your vacation.

Swing by AutoTrust for a vehicle inspection at least two weeks before you hit the road so Brad Wohlgemuth and the team have plenty of time to take care of any repairs before you leave.

“At AutoTrust we take communication with our clients very seriously, and we’ll work with you to make sure you get service that matches your priorities,” Brad says.

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  • Test your battery: Bring your car into AutoTrust for a professional battery test to make sure your battery’s in good shape. Did you know modern batteries only last about four years? Don’t push your luck. When you’ve got the car packed and the kids buckled in there’s nothing worse than turning the ignition and hearing… silence. Get a good start with a healthy battery!
  • Check your tires (and your spare!): Standing in the mud on the side of the road in the middle of a thunderstorm is no time to find out you don’t have a spare tire. Before you hit the road, inspect your tires (and your spare) for cuts and bulges, and make sure they’re all inflated to the recommended pressure. “Do not overlook your tire pressure! It is the cause of many ‘loss of control’ accidents,” Brad says. Stick a quarter in your treads to make sure your depth is more than five millimetres, or the depth of the caribou’s nose.
  • Inspect your cabin air filter: Sweltering in the summer heat? Repairing your air conditioner can be an expensive job, but a clean cabin air filter might be all you need to boost the cool air flow. Have the technicians at AutoTrust check your filter — they’ll let you know if it needs to be replaced.
  • Replace your wipers: Are your wipers ready for Alberta’s bugs and rain storms? A clear field of view is essential for keeping you and your passengers safe. Replacing wipers is a finicky job — why not let the technicians at AutoTrust take care of it the next time your car’s in for a service?
  • Pack an emergency kit: The difference between a good and bad road trip isn’t luck, it’s preparation. Breakdowns happen, but you can stay comfortable with non-perishable snacks, water, first-aid supplies and everyone’s favourite multitool… duct tape!

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