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Give Your Boat or Camper a Hi-Tech Security Upgrade!

Tech-driven solutions for home, RV, boat and more
With today’s technology you can lock or unlock all the compartments and doors on your camper, RV or boat just as easily as you would with your car.

It’s easy to take for granted the technology that is “standard” in most new vehicles today: remote car starters, keyless ignition and locks that can be operated using a fob, a keypad or even our smartphones. Technology that’s designed to make our daily lives more convenient is finding its way into every aspect of our lives.

Over the past decade, similar technology has been adapted to our homes and offices, making it possible to control every aspect of our living space, including lighting, security, music and temperature. Now you can warm up your house as you drive home from work, check to see if you left the garage door open, and communicate with the person at your front door even when you’re not at home.

It’s now possible to apply that same technology to places like your camper or trailer… or even your fishing boat! You can lock or unlock all of the compartments and doors with the push of a single button, or lock them all just as easily as you would with your car!

Recently, Steeves Agencies received a call from a fishing boat dealer who had a very specific project: electronic locks for all of the compartment doors on a tournament fishing boat.

“We jumped at the opportunity to help make this happen.” Steeves discussed the options with the dealership’s technicians and came up with a complete solution that allowed the owner to lock or unlock all of the rod lockers and other doors with the push of a button.

“It all starts with a phone call or an email. We need to understand how many doors or access points need to be secured, and how the customer prefers to access these locks: keybobs, keypads, bluetooth. Then the work of building the system begins.”

Once the new electronic system is installed, the owner can then open and close the doors throughout the day, and lock them all quickly and easily at the end of the day. This allows them to secure all their equipment without having to put a key in each door (and potentially miss one). The dealer installed all of the hardware and used the boat’s existing 12V system to provide the necessary power.

“These electronic latching and locking mechanisms can be easily adapted to other things, like RVs, campers, cargo trailers and so much more,” Steeves explains, “the sky’s the limit!”

Steeves Agencies is a Canadian-owned family business located in Winnipeg (toll-free phone: 1-800-318-1119). They have a wide range of solutions to upgrade your boat, camper or RV locks to give them a modern twist, making them even more secure! Steeves Agencies has electronic locking options for almost any type of door system. If you’re considering upgrading your camping experience with some high-security locks, Steeves Agencies ( along with their factory experts are ready to help.