Time to make county councilors realize they’re not special

Dear editor,

This is just a reminder that there will be municipal elections this coming October. In order for our democratic system to work we need people who are willing to get off their butts and run against existing councilors. The problem is if people get reelected too often by acclamation, they get the feeling they are pretty special and quite indispensable. When this happens they feel that they don’t have to listen to the people at all. They tell the people one thing then go in and vote totally different at council chambers and feel justified at what they do.

So many times at the coffee shops or wherever people gather, they always are an expert on how the county should be running but no one has the guts or jam to do anything about it. All it takes is to pick up a nomination paper and get five signatures from your district and you are good to go. There are too many councilors on the county council right now that are feeling that “special” attitude.

It does not matter if you win or not. You are still a winner just because you have the guts to stand up for something you may believe in. Now go out, show some intestinal fortitude, and good luck.

Remember the nomination deadline is September 20.

Rusty Riley