Thanks for a beautiful town!


Dear editor,

We would like to congratulate the Heartland Beautification Committee and the Town of Stettler Parks and Recreation for all the landscaping improvements, starting with the beautiful baskets of flowers on Main Street, West Recreation Park areas of trees and shrubs in fresh scented cedar chips, and many other crooks and crannies around town.

Add to that the many, many residents with beautiful yards and flowers and Stettler’s high rating by Communities in Bloom is well justified.

We were recently honored for going “above and beyond” with the landscaping of the town alley behind our home. When we built in 1985 on a very pie shape lot, the large area behind the house (backing to the hay field) was very ragged-looking. Being the view from the kitchen and dining room, we (make that Evelyn) started digging and improving at the same time we were landscaping our yard. After about three years, it was looking good and I thought it was just maintenance. It now turns out just maintenance is a lot of work — or as I say playing in the dirt. Twenty five years have passed and working with Mother Nature, the rose bushes and perennial flowers have spread, and are mostly left where they choose to grow. The last two wet springs, the lupins (pink- mauve – cream) have put on a beautiful display, from mid-June to mid-July. As for the weeds — tall yellow clover, thistle, brome grass, etc. — from the uncut hay field behind – sometimes I win, sometimes I lose ; not having as much energy or agility as 25 years ago .

We enjoy people driving by, but do not guarantee the hill or what a neighbor dubbed Awesome Alley will be in top shape. We are honored and humbled by the award given to us.

Thank you!

Ray and Evelyn O’Hara

Stettler, AB