People get the government they deserve

Dear editor,

For the last six years or more we, the tax payers in the county, have watched our roads deteriorate. I know our existing councilors have had many calls about the conditions of our roads, but the calls obviously have fallen on deaf ears of people or councilors that feel like they are above everybody else. Yes the ones that feel like they are “Special” and do not have to listen to the people anymore.

Lo and behold there must be an election coming up. Did you see the last paper? The seasoned or experienced councilors are all of a sudden, seeming like they are paying attention. They are all talking about the state of the roads and what can be done about them.

My questions are why at this time and where have you been for the last three to six years? Where are the graders? Have the grader operators all been told to save the blades and fuel? For what, so there can be more money for councilor trips? What about the raises the councilors vote themselves every year? We can go on and on about the waste that goes on around council table but in all fairness there are, I’m sure that there are good things also.

I guess what I am saying is that on Oct. 18th everyone should vote. Question your candidates to see where they stand on issues that matter to you. Some council’s records speak for themselves. Take time to listen to the new candidates so that on election day you can make an informed decision.

Remember, get out and vote because the people get the government they deserve.

Rusty Riley