MLAs’ allegiance in question

MLAs are elected by the people of Alberta to represent them in the Governs of Alberta. They have three important responsibilities; #1 assisting the leader, #2 Following Party lines, and most important serving their constituents.

MLAs are elected by the people of Alberta to represent them in the Governs of Alberta. They have three important responsibilities; #1 assisting the leader, #2 Following Party lines, and most important serving their constituents. Their responsibility in assisting the Leader is a bit questionable as the Premier was elected on third ballot choice and is mismanaging Government affairs on questionable decisions and the debt in growing by leaps and bounds. Allegiance should not be used in a system such as this. The Conservative Party has a large number of people at the so-called trough and this cost billions and this is most un-satisfactory and allegiance will have to find a home elsewhere.

M.L.As at all times owes their allegiance to the constituent and the people of Alberta in general at the present time the peoples choice of Government is failing them badly. At the present time there are around seventy Conservative M.L.As with twenty of the premiers favourites filling the Ministerial positions through the leaders over-sight there are approximately half the M.L.As having no responsibilities as to decision making and merely sit as back-benchers. Most of the decision that should fall on M.L.As are carried out by Civil Servants who by the way receive good salaries along with bonuses and buy-outs. The M.L.As that are sitting as back-benchers seem more experience and this goes along with better decision making abilities the M.L.As appointed as Ministers.[ what a waste} The M.L.As sitting on the back benches would not fit with either the Liberals or N.D.P as these two parties have a different slant on Governs, In the past and to the this time The Wildrose Alliance Party have some leadership issues.

The latest fiasco of swine flu vaccinations is a prime example of total Government mismanagement as the current facilities now open will not cover the numbers of people wanting vaccinations until the flu season is over. This could contribute to a pandemic and with hospital space at a premium and staffing shortages a lot of Albertans are going to suffer big time In Alberta productivity will be down and it will cost people money waiting in line for flu shots. With this Government the debt will surely grow larger then the one we had previously and every-one knows it caused big hard-ships to pay off. To rectify this huge problem a new party will have to be formed to start Alberta on the road to success having financial stability into the future. The back-benchers in the Conservative Party could play a big roll in the formulation of this movement all for the good of hard working Albertans. This new political party could adopt the name The Reformed Conservatives and have as their motto, Saving Alberta’s Future Effectively.

Dave France


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