Is provincial government doing what’s best for the people of Alberta?

Dear Editor,

The Heartland 500kV electrical line from Wabamun is expected to cost $580 million with another billion in costs if the last 20 kilometres are cable buried underground.

$1.58 billion will build two 1000 MW gas fired plants on site, using plant costs of $554 per kW hr. Natural gas plants produce half the CO2 that ultra-super critical coal fired plants do, and use 75 per cent less water.

Why doesn’t Alberta Environment insist that the electrical lines be replaced by the construction of natural gas fired plants next to the industrial users?

Alberta would win three ways:

1 – 50 per cent less CO2

2 – Use only 25 per cent of the water

3 – New market for our natural gas

I often wonder if our government is doing what is best for Albertans.

Don McGregor