Health care needs of community ignored during election campaign

Dear Editor,

During this election period I sat in the doctor’s office, I noticed something. Not ONE single person running for any position had one word to say about our health care system.

I was completely taken back, my appointment was for 4, and got in to see the doctor at 4:40, which wasn’t bad, I thought.

But the people ahead of us had been waiting an hour to an hour and a half.

Do I blame the doctors in Stettler?

NO, we have great doctors in Stettler but we are going to burn them out. While I sat there a young lady came in (new to Stettler) and asked to see a doctor, she was denied because there is a no new patient policy.

Where can she go? Nobody knew.

Another man came in for his appointment at his time and was told the doctor was running behind about an hour. He had to get back to work and couldn’t wait; he asked if he could re-book they replied yes in three weeks there was an opening.

He left mad and without an appointment. Does he wait till it’s so bad that he has to go to emergency. So you phone to book an appointment, it’s anywhere from one to five weeks you get there and wait another hour or so.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this? Why has the idea of a walk in clinic not been brought back up? I do realize that there is a committee for recruiting doctors, but what have they been doing? Why is the public not kept aware of what’s going on with the recruiting of doctors.

1. People are not getting proper health care;

2. The doctors we have will burn out;

3. Way too long for wait times!

4. No new patients, means people will move elsewhere or not move here.

Everyone wants better roads around Stettler, as well as to bring in new people and business.

WHY, when we can’t take care of the people we have?

If we have no people there is no need for roads.

Leasyl Carey