Gladly appreciating a local business

Dear Editor;

I am a long-time resident of our town, and I am writing to express my appreciation for a local businessman’s commitment to commerce in Stettler.

Yung-Jin Lee is the propietor for Rainbow Photo, and he and his staff deserve some recognition.

Recently, I decided to convert all of my photo slides to digital photographs, which turns out to be no small task, as they number in the hundreds. I solicited quotations from Rainbow Photo as well as other capable businesses, some who are not local.

Rainbow Photo was the lowest priced, so I was pleased to send them this large order. After the job was underway, I assume their people realized that they may have made an error in quoting this work.

To Rainbow Photo’s credit, they decided to honour the quoted price. This initiative not only supports Mr. Lee’s credibility as a businessman in a small town, but also demonstrates his commitment to keeping business in the community.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Lee and his staff at Rainbow Photo, and subsequently spread this good news to encourage others to use their services above others. I have also, subsequently sent Rainbow additional sizable work without going through a pricing process.

I encourage Mr. Lee and his Rainbow Photo staff to continue to deliver great service on solid promises. It speaks well of a community-focused business and of the integrity of both the man and his organization.

Glenn G. Cruikshank