Come and lend a hand to great work of Superfluity

Dear editor,

As we learned from an article in this paper a short while ago, the Superfluity store in Stettler is doing an enormous job for this community, because of a lot of hard work by a few volunteers. Every year they manage to donate thousands of dollars, pay their rent, utilities and monthly garbage pick up, even though they try their best to keep their pricing to a very low amount (Remember – this is not a garage or rummage sale!)

I have learned recently that there are many people who take advantage of them by shoplifting, stealing from the donation box at the back door, trying to get them to lower their already low prices or leaving bags or boxes of what can only be considered garbage which the store has to pay to be taken away.

But you know, they really have big hearts and if you are truly up against it, they will help you out.

So, come on everyone, donate what good quality articles you can, (preferably during store hours 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday to Saturday), and buy at their prices to keep the good work they do, on going.

DeLores Duris

Happy donator,

purchaser and former volunteer