Challenge on tar sands

Dear Editor,

This is an open letter to the province of Alberta

The government of the province of Alberta is undisputably entitled to carry on governance duties and obligations in accordance with the prevailing provincial constitution of this province.

Recent history taught us that this very principle applied equally well to established national governments within diverse foreign jurisdictions across the globe, by no means precluding or deterring duly elected officials from using the very government apparatus – not only to implement the Holocaust and the systematic genocide of large faction of their respective citizenries, but furthermore to intimately see to it, by themselves, that those hideous designs were inexorably and proficiently executed.

The exploitation of the oil-sands- or tar-sands – is tantamount to such a despicable sort of project and activity. Herewith and by this means, the current government of the Province of Alberta is challenged in short notice to:

a) Prove the legitimacy not of the process, but of its intent and actions, with regards to the oil-sands – to the extent that it undertook to permit, encourage, facilitate, foster and assist the wholesale exploitation of these natural resources located within its own boundaries, to the flagrant detriment of humankind and ecology, throughout and across unbounded time and space;

b) Acknowledge, by explicit mentioning, identified entities that have been suffering direct harm from enacted policies, perpetrated action and immediate consequences;

c) Enumerate the various manner under which such harm ineluctably manifest itself;

d) Clearly enunciate the rationale in support of this stance, practice and scheme – notwithstanding.

Pedro London