Walk-a-thon to help refugee in Japan

The future of Stettler Co-op Store remains uncertain after losing $4.3 million in losses after serving the community for 18 years located at Stettler Mall in the current Peavey Mart premises.

1999 – 10 YEARS AGO

• The future of Stettler Co-op Store remains uncertain after losing $4.3 million in losses after serving the community for 18 years located at Stettler Mall in the current Peavey Mart premises. “We simply can’t continue to absorb these kind of losses,” said general manager Gil Blais. “We’ve been losing $200,000 to $300,000 each year.”

• Safety is a concern at Stettler elementary and middle schools with over 1,000 students arriving and departing both schools, with heavy traffic causing a hazard for students and motorists.

1989 – 20 YEARS AGO

• Premier Don Getty has announced that Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC) services will be extended to Stettler in 1990. This has long been a goal of the local substance abuse committee that operates under the direction of Stettler and District Family and Community Support Serivces.

• William E. Hay Wildats placed six players on the 1989 Central Alberta High School Football League all-star teams – Grant Rushton, Doug Scheible, Schaan Cruickshank, Sonny Loria, Richard Duff and Grant McQuay.

1979 – 30 YEARS AGO

• Schulze Autobody will celebrate the grand opening of its new building in Stettler’s east industrial park. Jack and Carolyne Schulze are very pleased to invite their friends and customers to see their modern new repair shop.

• The villages of Big Valley and Donalda recently signed agreements with the Town of Stettler to enter into the preventive social services program. Fred Henke will represent Donalda on the board while Cheryl Wildman will represent Big Valley.

1969 – 40 YEARS AGO

• A young peoples’ group called “The Lively Ones” will hold a walk-a-thon from Stettler to Nevis and back to help a refugee in Japan.

• Hans-Peter Stettler of Grindelwald, Switzerland was in town to enquire about his great-uncle Carl Stettler for whom the town is named.

1959 – 50 YEARS AGO

• Herschel Bignell, well-known Gadsby farmer, is in serious condition in Stettler Hospital after losing an arm in the power take-off of his combine. He was brought to hospital by Joe Lang and Tim Walgenbach after he walked a mile for help.

• IGA Food Store under the management of Jim Richmond will open in the ultra-modern quarters provided by McGillivray Shopping Centre in Stettler on Dec. 3.

1949 – 60 YEARS AGO

• Constance G. Arlendson has been awarded the bronze medal donated by the Governor General of Canada for competition in Grade-9 departmental exams. Miss Arlendson is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Arlendson of Botha where Mr. Arlendson is the principal of the school.

• Stettler Rotary Club has secured Miss Lillian Munro, well-known Edmonton fancy skater to produce the annual ice carnival. Miss Munro will give instructions in fancy skating as soon as ice is available.

1939 – 70 YEARS AGO

• Thugs have been active east of Stettler and $1,677 was taken when two safes were blown up at Endiang and Halkirk, both presumably by the same gang of safe-crackers. That same evening, an armed man entered a Delia home, bound and gagged the family and took $200.

• Joe Nolte and F.T. Colley have bought the first lister to be used in this district. This machine divides the summerfallow into small ditches and connecting dams (like a patchwork quilt) that holds the moisture and reduces soil drifting.

1929 – 80 YEARS AGO

• Phil Harrington of Botha has been receiving congratulations on holding a lucky ticket in the Manchester Sweepstakes, as he won $615.39 for third prize.

1919 – 90 YEARS AGO

• The government telephone line running northwest of Stettler has been extended five or six miles out and the farmers in that vicinity are being linked up.

• Holten-Bradley Hardware offers automobile skates for ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Several beautiful patterns to choose from, automobile skates are light, graceful and strong. Buy yours now and be ready when the rink opens.

1909 – 100 YEARS AGO

• The next paper to be issued in the district will the Castor Advance of which Frank Whiteside is editor and proprietor. Mr. Whiteside is in close touch with the agricultural and stock growing conditions of the district and has literary gifts of a high order.