Donalda students wow crowd with outstanding dinner theatre

In the haunted house – Donalda students Bailey Steinhoff

In the haunted house – Donalda students Bailey Steinhoff

Donalda School students from grades 6 to 9 earned rave reviews with dinner theatre performances of The Will and the Spirit by David Meyer on May 6 to 8.

“We topped out on ticket sales from last year,” said teacher and director Shonna Burkard.

“In fact, we almost sold out on Saturday night with only three seats away from a sell-out – our best attendance yet.”

Full crowds of over 70 watched the show the first two night while the final performance attracted an audience of 87 with 90 seats in the house.

“It was a very successful show again for us and students were amazing and pulled off a fantastic show,” said Burkard.

“This year had many more challenges than in the past.”

“We had to incorporate many special effects and the script itself was a challenge. These things caused time to be the group’s biggest hindrance”, she said.

“Considering all the factors listed above, the kids pulled off an outstanding show.”

About one hour long, the play chronicles the life of a dilapidated mansion rumoured to have a mysterious curse on it and is haunted.

Several humorous encounters with an older spirit during the night, however, changes one man’s mind about ghosts, especially after seeing the spirit’s union membership card.

A raging storm, a midnight seance, a missing person and the discovery of a smuggling ring all keep the audience on the edge of their seats.