Young lady razes hair and raises funds for cancer

Short cut – Allyson Marshall

Short cut – Allyson Marshall

A young Erskine girl has donated a length of her long hair and over $1,000 to support children with cancer.

Allyson Marshall, 11, had 14 inches of hair cut off by local hairstylist Tara Heintz in front of friends and family on Nov. 17.

“I wanted to do this to help make wigs for children who have cancer and lose their hair,” said Allyson, a Grade-7 student at Erskine School.

The hair and $1,060 in funds she raised will be donated to Angel Hair for Kids based in Toronto, with A Child’s Voice Foundation as its main project, said mother Sherry.

“I want to encourage other children and youth to cut their hair to help make wigs for children with cancer treatment,” said Allyson.

“It was exciting to get my hair cut to help children with cancer.”

“Now it feels really light.”

To make a hair prosthesis for one child takes 10 to 12 ponytails and costs from $800 to $1,000, said mother Sherry Marshall.

Allyson was inspired to donate her hair when another young girl at the school donated her hair about two years ago.

“Her mother and I are very proud of her,” said father Clint Marshall.

“We are proud of her that she is thinking of other children who struggle with cancer and lose their hair,” said mother Sherry.

While the young girl has had short hair before, she lost about one pound of hair, her father stated.

“It’ll grow back if you want more,“ her mother told her as she was getting her hair clipped.

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