Y-Cat: Jam the can: huge success at Stettler Middle School

By Chantelle Ingram

and Taylor Marko

As summer’s presence is slowly fading away, the students and staff at Stettler Middle School are preparing to get ‘back in the swing of things’.

We have a new peer support group at our school. It is called Y-CAT. Y-CAT stands for “Youth Cultural Ambassador Training.” This group of 14 students that help the school by becoming peer mediators. Peer mediators are people that assist in guiding students with some of the problems they may have through out school.

On Sept. 17, to promote Y-CAT, the group, assisted by Deanna Bartlett and Loretta Lavallee, organized a school wide activity.

This activity was called ‘Jam the Can’, or in this case, ‘Jam the Change-room’. This is when students are told to walk to the gym change-room and attempt to ‘stuff’ as many people into the change-room as possible. It was a battle of the sexes and in the end; the boys conquered over all and won the first ever Jam The Change-Room Trophy designed by the Y-CAT members.

Deanna Bartlett, one of the assistants of this group, says “The Y-CAT members put a lot of hard work and effort into planning the activities and it really paid off. I feel it was a big success and look forward to more fun activities in the future.”

This activity was truly a success and hopefully it will continue.