Women’s bonspiel will be held from Feb. 8-11

RUMSEY RECORD -- Well, since I complained about the extremely cold weather in last week's column, it is only fair that I celebrate...

RUMSEY RECORD — Well, since I complained about the extremely cold weather in last week’s column, it is only fair that I celebrate the wonderfully warm weather that we have been having in this week’s column. What a nice break for man and beast, kind of tough for the sledders though.

Hopefully there will be some snow in the forecast to give us a clean look to the horizon.

The men’s bonspiel will be underway by the time you read this column so don’t forget about Oyster Night on Thursday evening. It is always enjoyed by many people. I heard a rumour that the best cooks are on duty at the men’s. There is also the banquet on Saturday that isn’t just reserved for the curlers, anyone is welcome to come in to get a really good meal for a great price. The women’s bonspiel will be running during the week of Feb. 8 to 11 so if you have a team to enter give Jackie and Brooks Watts a call at 403-368-2357.

The Morrin Figure Skating Club is getting excited about their fundraiser coming up soon. They will be hosting a dance in Rumsey at the Hall featuring the “Five of Diamonds” on Feb. 4. The tickets are $35 each and you can get them from plenty of our local skaters – Amanda Holowath, Taylor MacFarlane, Eddy MacFarlane, Alissa Wilkins, Madi Jensen, Tara Richmond’s girls and Melanie Gridley’s girls.

On Monday, Jan. 16, Jean Richmond hosted Birthday Club at St. Mary’s Lodge with music and cake for everyone. In the lodge, Frank Smith celebrated his birthday and in extended care, David Grier celebrated his belated birthday since it had happened in December and we missed mentioning it. Sorry about that. Next month, Judy Stoneman will be the hostess and the date is set for Monday, Feb. 20. I know that Linda Helmer would be happy to hear from anyone who would like to take part in this volunteer activity so give her a call if you are interested.

For those of you who prefer the warm summer days to the cold, dark days of winter, here are a few ideas from the Glamorous Housewife (taste of the 1950s) to get you through the last of this foggy, grey winter:

1. Try growing a flowering plant on a south-facing window sill then just transfer it out to a bigger pot or flower bed in the spring.

2. Surround yourself with bright colours, like a bright nail polish or bright clothing, change up something in the house to brighten the decor.

3. Freshen the house with scented candles or plug-ins to take away that stuffy smell of a closed-up house.

4. Grunge out a room or closet, take time to exercise. Both of these activities will get your heart rate up and warm up those cold muscles.

5. Winter is the perfect time to try a new craft, skill or bring out that hobby you have wanted to get working on again. Maybe, take pictures of the frost – can’t do that in the summer.

6. Of course, you can always read a good book; both ideas 4 and 5 are available at your local library.

7. Last but not least, try to get involved with something that will get you out of the house and with some good company, nothing makes the winter go faster than having events on the calendar to look forward to.

Hope these ideas help, have a great week.