Wm. E Hay students at Skills Alberta competition

This week, in sports, our badminton players competed in Red Deer on the
weekend of April 10.

Congratulations to those who finished in the top four:

Logan, Kyle, John, Ryland, Alyssa, Jay, Adam, Erik, Shayna, Johan and

Jessica. Great job everyone!

On Tuesday, April 21, the badminton players made their way to Sedgewick to compete in the area tournament.  Results from this competition will be in the next article.  We would like to remind everyone that track and field is going to be starting soon for grades 9-12.  Watch for upcoming track and field news.

In other news, the one act plays will be performed on April 29, including

the English/Drama’s production of Twelfth Night. More information will be

coming in the near future. Also, there will be a luau-themed dance hosted

by the students’ union on May 1 from 7-10 p.m.


Congratulations go out to all school reach players who participated in

provincials last Saturday. Competition was extremely tough, but the senior

team still managed two wins and the intermediates three wins.  Congratulations

also to Jordan Lee and Danae Chostner on being chosen team MVP for their



Something exciting that the school is offering is a course called Google

Expert.  Grade 10-12 students who complete this course will earn 5 credits

towards their high school diploma and will receive a free Chromebook.

Clearview is going to be using Google Docs in the upcoming school year and

all students will be given a gmail account, so this is the way of the



Six students went to Red Deer on Friday, April 17 to compete in the

regional Alberta Skills competition at Hunting Hills High School.  Annelle

Lynham, Kenzie Heintz, Sam VanSkiver, and Junea Ventnor competed at 8:30

a.m. in junior hairstyling, which involved braiding a long haired mannequin

into a wearable style including two or more kinds of braids.  The ladies

performed well, and there were nerves that came into play during the

competition.  The girls did not place in the top three, but made us proud

with their efforts.  Caela Henderson and Shayla Derr competed in

intermediate hairstyling, which involved styling a mannequins hair for a

wedding.  There was tough competition, and both girls did very well with

their chosen styles.  Great job ladies.  The work will be displayed in the

CTS cabinet for the remainder of the semester.


That’s all for this week.