With the snow gone, focus is on upgrading the playground for kids

Big Valley Bulletin

A big “Congratulations” to the Big Valley CCS novice hockey team who had a very successful season with 17 wins and only two losses. Team members include: Gage Hutton, Daniel Brown, Kasey Hiemstra, Chase Skocdopole, Owen Wilke, Turner Dettmer, Ryan Shirley, Landon Warren, Cole Warren, Jacob Buchwitz, Jacob Webster, Jonah Jarmin, Brendan Rusnak and Zachary Duncan.

The team would like to thank all the parents, manager and coaches for a great year.

A joint installation of new officers for both the Elks and the Royal Purple Ladies was held at the April Elks meeting. Handing over the gavels were the Elk’s Lloyd Duncan and the Royal Purple’s Brenda Campbell. All in attendance gave a much deserved standing ovation to them both for their outstanding efforts. Incoming for the Elks is John Palmer and Myra Grieg is again taking up the reins for the Royal Purple. Once again, the Hanna Patrol Team, led by Archie Williams, assisted with the installation of officers, with both respective district deputies leading the ceremonies. The Elks and Royal Purple would like to thank everyone for their help.

Now that the snow has finally gone, the Elks and Royal Purple will soon be in the playground to assess what may be needed and act accordingly. New swings are on the horizon and other small equipment will be looked into. A reminder to the community that this playground is intended for younger, preschool children who should be supervised during use. Liabilities and exorbitant prices on equipment are driving these decisions.

The Elks will be providing jerseys for our ball league and will continue to assist others in the community who are in need. New members are always needed, so if you have ever considered joining, please approach them. The June meeting (Tuesday, June 4) will be a good one to attend, so why not come out for a social and meeting? Please contact Lloyd at 876-2279 with your intentions.

Club 200 winners are: Jack Houghton, Taylor Elines, Lana Kirtley and Norm Silberstein.

May birthday wishes go out to Sandra Schell – 2, Alana Stefanik – 4, Bobbi Kargaard – 6, Joy Walker – 7, Dale Johnston – 7, Erika Stefanik – 8, Jolene Hall – 9, Wayne Garrison – 9, Marilee Colp – 10, Les Knapp – 12, Brock Hermus – 15, Chantel Dubitz – 15, Teresa Greig – 16, Len Waters – 17, Rose Authenac – 20, Deanna Skocdopole – 25, Pat Parkin – 26, Dustin Baker – 26, Tim Burnstad – 27, and Madison Tizzard – 30.

Happy anniversary to Quinton and Amanda Baird – 4, Art and Ann Tizzard – 6, Rick and Carmen Tizzard – 9, Wilf and Dorothy Dressler – 22, Russ and Alice Faye Watts – 28 and Eric and Rachel Toews – 29.