Wishing everyone a happy new year!

GADSBY/WESTWOODS NEWS -- Christmas has come and gone with lots of family activity.

GADSBY/WESTWOODS NEWS — Christmas has come and gone with lots of family activity.

Bill and Joyce Hansel enjoyed an early Christmas family supper at daughter Sed and Brad’s on Saturday, Dec. 17. There were 31 family members there. Christmas day they were joined by Joyce’s sister Betty Stotz for the day.

Marie Vance had Ken and Joanne, Joanne’s mom Lil; Evelyne; Donnie; Corey and Rick and their three girls.

Percy and Paulette hosted Christmas dinner with their family there; Christy and Curtis Wideman, Matthew, Clayton and Josie and an exchange student, Rocky from Hong Kong; as well as John and Jewel, Hannah and Bailey … Jeanne Beisel. During the day they made a call to Norway and all had a chance to talk to cousin Jan and Irene Langnes in Trondheim, Norway, which has no snow, green grass … very unusual.

Velvet’s niece Veronica spent a few days before Christmas with Velvet and Fred. Velvet and Fred spent their Christmas with the family, Tom and Angela and girls, Kyle and Leigha, Nick and Haley and girls.

Barb and Vic Carey picked up their grandchildren, Torrie and Jonah on Thursday, Dec. 22 and had an early Christmas on Dec. 23 with all Joanna’s children, son Wes Carey and Lincoln.

We welcome Larry Derr into Gadsby; his mobile home arrived shortly before Christmas.

James and Kerri Pothier, along with Kerri’s mom attended the Cirque du Soliel on Saturday, Dec. 24 in Edmonton. Kerri says, “It was amazing. A must-see!”

One of the Chamber of Commerce winners was Gloria Diegel who won $300 worth of gift cards around town. Just in time for Christmas. Congratulations Gloria. For Stan’s birthday the family met at The Pump for supper, with cake back at Stan and Gloria’s. Stan and Gloria hosted Christmas dinner with all the family home.

Also Happy Birthday to Haley Bigney for Dec. 22; Charlee Derr for Dec. 23 and her sister Keyonna, whose birthday was shortly before. Percy and Paulette helped Percy’s sister Dale Van Straten celebrate her birthday on Dec. 18, joining Dale’s family at The Club CafĂ© for supper, then out to their farm for cake and coffee. Eldon and Dale’s daughters Shandele and Ted and girls, Michelle and Jody Renschler and girls all there. As well as grandchildren Olivia and Colt Van Straten.

All these birthdays were very close to being Christmas babies!

So, a note to the reader, if travelling the gravel roads, in the dark, on a snowy night, pay attention to where you are or, like us, you may wind up in someone’s cow pasture, with several cows looking at you, saying “where do you think you are?” Luckily we have four-wheel drive. Many laughs later at Bill and Joyce Hansel’s, our final destination.

Bill and Joyce have had a busy couple weeks. On Christmas Eve Grant and Judy Musgrove and kids were over for cards and refreshments, while on Christmas Day, sister Betty Stotz came out for the day. On New Year’s Eve, Gordie and Shirley Reynolds, daughter Sue, niece Donna and Markus Boyd-Stadelmann went visiting. Then on Jan. 3-4, they had an overnight at daughter Sandy and Rod’s at Gibbons, with a quick trip into Edmonton before heading back home.

After waiting for more information, a notable mention; Keyonna Derr celebrated her December birthday in Cuba along with other students, Sadie Diegel, Megan Kobi, Shayna Brower and several more who attended a basketball tournament in Cuba. Even though they did not win, it was a great experience for all.

Frank and Eleanor Dahlgren had their annual “big Christmas Eve family supper” at their home with 30 family members present. Supper and gift opening were mixed with laughter and much visiting. Daughter Brenda came the following Tuesday with her four grandchildren and stayed till Saturday. Eleanor says, Kitchen Closed. But great to have everyone there and lots of helping hands.

Sincere sympathies to Nancy Chick and family on the passing of her mom, Janette Berry on Thursday, Dec. 15. Also to husband Lowell and the rest of the family, our thoughts are with you. Janette was 84 years young.

The Gadsby Community Hall board would like everyone to mark their calendars as they are planning a Valentine’s dance on Saturday, Feb. 11 and St. Patrick’s Day party on Friday, March 17. More details will be provided closer to the event.

Here’s wishing all my readers a very happy new year.