Winter Olympics rule for SES students

Olympic fever is catching on at Stettler Elementary School during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Olympic fever is catching on at Stettler Elementary School during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

We are all excitedly anticipating the Stettler Elementary Olympics which are going to be at our school next week.

Mrs. Kim Poapst is spearheading the event and has many unique activities planned for the participants, from pre-kindergarten through Grade 5.

The Sharebear Playschool students hosted their own events this past week. Playschool students were encouraged to dress in Olympic clothes, and participated in a variety of fun athletic activities.

They had a lot of fun and each students was awarded a specially-designed medal at the end of the event. Many of the classes are keeping updated on the Vancouver Olympics, tallying Canada’s medal count and using them as a springboard for many classroom activities.

We have the Vancouver Games mascots travelling through the classes, and each class is learning about them which has proven very exciting for the students.

The scrapbooking club offers a group of grade 5 children the opportunity to artistically design their own scrapbook projects.

A select group of Grade 5 students are taking part in this activity.

Cup Stacking really levels the playing field for students as non-athletic students scan easily compete head to head with their more athletic counterparts.

This significantly raises their self-esteem, motivating them to work harder in physical education and be excited to participate.

It’s a WIN, WIN! This past week, Keirsten Greidanus was our new 3-6-3 champion, completing the 19 moves correctly in only 7.65 seconds. Wow!

We are also doing a group order at SES, giving the students the chance to buy their own set of cups and other stacking tools to use and practice with at home.

Our science fair club students showed off their science fair projects Feb. 19 in the hallways adjacent to the office and answered questions from students, staff, and the public.

Sharebear Playschool is wrapping up its Funky February.

Each day this month has featured a different theme of the day, from wacky hair, to rodeo days, and crazy hat day.

It has been exciting for the children to have something to look forward to each day.

The kindergarten classes had a wonderful field trip to Boston Pizza thispast week. They had the opportunity to go behind the scenes, and check out the kitchens.

They were certainly impressed by the size of the refrigerator. Each child was able to make and bake their own pizza, and it certainly was a tasty time had by all.