Who says living in in the country is a quiet affair? – Rumsey

Wednesday evening in the Rumsey community hall, the northwest corner of the district hosted a community shower for Kyle Tolman and his bride elect, Danielle McCook, who plan their wedding for September.

The wedding will be held on the farm in their hay field with the reception and dance planned for the Trochu Community Hall.

The northwest corner club had an entertaining evening of songs and a skit. Good preformance, one not to be missed. Hollywood, next stop!

The evening was enjoyed with visiting and enjoying the happy couple opening their many gifts which they expressed great thanks for.

A great time was had by all at Rowley on Saturday, July 31 when the Foesier family, all over one hundred of them had a family reunion. The whole town was alive when those who came enjoyed pizza night also. There were over two hundred pizzas made that night. And who said that living in the country is quiet?

We had an opportunity to visit Trevor Newton in Red Deer hospital on Sunday afternoon when we drove over to that city to see our daughter Charlene and Rod and family. Michelle was home for the weekend from Calgary and Grant was home from Edmonton. Both Carissa and Jeff live in Red Deer but Jeff was called into work and Carissa was away with friends.

Trevor had his gall bladder surgery on Tuesday, last week and with all the good care he is receiving there, he hopes to be home the first part of the week.

An up-to-date report on Mary’s sore leg: She has had an MRI since being in Red Deer with Trevor and she has a torn cartilage in her knee and is having a brace made for it. She says it is a lot better now that she knows what is wrong.

The date of the annual flower show is Wednesday, Aug. 25. If you have any questions about the format of the day, call me and I will help you out.

It would be nice if you folks could send me the news of your summer activities and just how many grandchildren you have had visiting. I know that Stan and Sheila Richmond have had their two grandsons visiting for a couple of weeks. The Foesiers have had their family home a couple of times this summer.

The Rumsey drop-in is planning to start a card playing night each week this winter, perhaps Tuesday nights. What are your thoughts on this?