Jonny Harris joined in the band

Jonny Harris joined in the band

What a week it was!

Well, the show, “Of all Places” filmed all week throughout the Rowley and Rumsey district and the host, Jonny Harris, really enjoyed

Well, the show, “Of all Places” filmed all week throughout the Rowley and Rumsey district and the host, Jonny Harris, really enjoyed himself as he experienced Mike Mckee’s, Mark and Sandy McNaughton’s, Jim and Stephanie Richmond’s and, of course, Pizza Night in Rowley.

He drove crazy vehicles in the back 40, semen tested and measured the testicles of a purebred bull, made over 40 pizzas and hand delivered them to Sam’s Saloon for his waiting audience, sang and played guitar with Nort and the Nerds and finished the week by performing with his fellow comedians in a great show in the Rowley hall.

We were able to go over to Richmonds and watch the film crew in action and visit with the various members of the production crew.

They were all very nice people with interesting backgrounds. The head producer, Katherine, is from Alberta, Edmonton to be exact, so that helped bring them here first.

We also attended the free comedy and pizza night in Rowley on Saturday and the comedy show was fantastic. Everyone really enjoyed the show, all three comedians were equally funny so it was wonderful. Now they will take all the film that they created over this past week and develop a half hour show featuring his various adventures so it will be great to watch when it comes out in the spring of 2015. They will be notifying anyone who was directly connected with the show in plenty of time to spread the word through the community. They are off to Coleman, BC, this coming week then 3 days in Toronto to plan for the next three stops on their show train.

There will be 12 episodes total and they are hoping for a second season, of course. They plan to spend five days in each location taking as much footage as possible and then pack all the best parts into a half hour show, a difficult task, I think. It will be great to see the final product.

Spring Fling is planned for April 12 this year so mark your calendars for that fun event. Remember that it will include a delicious supper, live and silent auction with a good chance to catch up with your neighbors and friends in the community.

I just read that Gwen Hampton has completed all the necessary preparations for her bone marrow transplant and as of April 2 has received the bone marrow transplant. She wrote on Facebook “Transplant Complete!! No bad side effects today. Had my “posse” at my side. Thanks so much for all your support! Now we wait for the new cells to engraft over the next several months and build me a new immune system!”

We are all cheering for you and wish you a speedy recovery. I know from talking to Al that there is still a long way to go but I hope it will be all uphill from here. The community is backing you, Gwen, can’t wait to see you around and about Rumsey once again.