Well done to gold medal winners in dance

And still, we have snow! That didn’t stop people from coming out to the multi-family garage sale this weekend.

And still, we have snow! That didn’t stop people from coming out to the multi-family garage sale this weekend. Good to see so many and thanks for all the help we had. It’s always appreciated.

Gloria and Stan Diegel attended the Saturday night dance recital at the P.A.C. Centre. Grandchildren Bridget and Elliot Skocdopole performed in both Friday and Saturday night events with the JD Dance Studio.

Meanwhile, granddaughters Sadie and Sophie Diegel were in dance competition at Olds on the weekend. Sadie’s group won three gold; Sophie’s group won two gold and one silver.

Percy and Paulette Heer drove to Three Hills to attend the dance recital there where granddaughter Josie Wideman was in Highland and Lyrical dance. Coming home was not so much fun as, yes once again, it snowed!

Donna MacKay, along with five other Heartland Belles, attended a supper at Three Hills on Saturday night where over 100 Red Hat Ladies gathered. Donna also enjoyed an overnight visit from her sister Irma and a friend, both from Fairview, AB. They were on their way home from a week in B.C. She also received a call from her son Jim, in Eastern Canada this week. Then on Friday Donna and Betty Hadwin had a day in Red Deer.

Thelma Davits has been back home for a few days, helping daughter Mareena move into her new place. Thelma stayed with son Jason, had breakfast, brunch or dinner with Fred and Velvet, Tammy, Paulette to name a few before heading home to Kimberly, B.C. on Friday.

The Big Knife 4-H Beef Club had their annual mini show on Sunday, April 27 in Donalda. Participants from the area were the Derr girls, Kassandra and Jasmine Diegel, Alex, Chandler and Bridget Skocdopole, Joseph and Jundae Ventnor and McKenzie Hankins to name a few. Good luck to all our 4-H’ers in the upcoming show and sale.

Cash bingo will be held on Saturday, May 17 (pending the next blizzard). Doors open 6:30 p.m. Early bird starts at 7 p.m. Coffee and cake half time. Everyone welcome.

Word has come of the passing of Lyle Heer in Ponoka General Hospital after a battle with cancer. Lyle was born and raised south of Gadsby to parents John and Mary Heer. He was predeceased by his father John and brother Terry. Sympathies to his mother Mary, brother Johnny and many cousins in the area. Lyle was 62 years old.

I would like to wish all the moms, grandmoms, aunts, etc. a very Happy Mother’s Day.