Well done to 4-H’ers and Legion award winners

The awards for the Legion's annual Remembrance Day Literary and Poster Contest were handed out by Chairman Arline Grover on May 22.

The awards for the Legion’s annual Remembrance Day Literary and Poster Contest were handed out by Chairman Arline Grover last Friday, May 22. Thank you again to all the students and staff who take the time and effort each year to remember our fallen. Special mention to Hayden Warren, who also won at area level and to Shaylyn McNeil for having her entry go as far as Calgary and earning her over one hundred dollars for her black and white poster. It is an honour for the Legion to recognize our fine youngsters in such a manner each year.

This year’s winners are: Kindergarten: 1st-Milo Dittman, 2nd-Taylor Elines; Grade 1: 1st-Parker Van Haga, 2nd-Karla Visser; Grade 2: 1st-Leland Dittman, 2nd-Careese Primrose; Grade 5: 1st-Emma McMullin, 2nd-Carolyn McNeil; Grade 6: 1st-Chase Skocdopole, 2nd-Jacob Webster; Grade 7: 1st-Indianna Soboleski, 2nd-Kasey Hiemstra; Grade 8: 1st-Hayden Warren, 2nd-Jessie Armstrong; Grade 9: 1st-Anna Lauweryssen, 2nd-Tianna-Rae Kirtley. The black and white sketch winners are: Grade 5: 1st-Tess Thurston, 2nd-Tristin Dittman; Grade 6: 1st-Brooklyn Chapman, 2nd-Julie Ponto; Grade 7: 1st-Zack Duncan, 2nd-Hannah Elines; Grade 8: 1st-Shaylyn McNeill, 2nd-Abigail Webster; Grade 9: 1st-Bradley Dodds, 2nd-Raina Thomson. The poetry winners are: Grade 8: 1st-Jessie Armstrong, 2nd-Abigail Webster and Grade 9: 1st-Raina Thomson

The Big Valley 4-H Beef Club would like to thank all the buyers and family who came out and supported them on Monday and Tuesday last week. They had a very successful show and sale. Faith Shuckburgh won Grand Champion Steer for Big Valley as well as the Stettler district. Zachary Duncan was Reserve Grand Champion for the Big Valley Club and Owen Wilkie won Rate of Gain for the entire district. Other winners for the entire district were: Hannah Elines-Intermediate Showmanship; Jenny Munholland-Intermediate Judging; Trinity Martin-Junior Showmanship; Faith Shuckburgh-Second Showmanship; Trinity Martin and Levi Martin-Junior Team Grooming; Eric Elines-Junior Judging and Ashton Kaiser-Second Junior Judging.

This year the Big Valley Beef Club had 24 busy members who had a variety of projects; heifers, cow/calf pairs as well as steers. At the end of the two days, club members had worked very hard and had plenty to be proud of.

This June, the United Church of Canada is going to be 90 years old. The United Churches of Big Valley, Erskine and Stettler are inviting everyone to a Celebration Service on Sunday, Jun. 14 at 10:30 a.m. at West Stettler Park. Hymn singing, birthday cake and old-fashioned games will be part of our time together. See you there!

The next worship service in Big Valley will be on Sunday, Jun. 28 at 11 a.m.

June birthday greetings go out to Fiona Johnston – 4, Ron Milton – 6, David Johnston – 6, Dorothy Brown – 7, Jan Hermus – 10, Aislinn Reule – 10, Marj Kiemele – 11, Raj Duncan – 12, Dale Skocdopole – 12, Kingston Brown – 15, Kingsley Brown – 15, Gaby Seigrist – 15, Gail Boulding – 16, Yvette Cassidy – 16, Delaine Stewart – 16, Anita Davie – 17, Brent Mailer – 21, Robyn Armstrong – 22, Allan Berresford – 25, Gerty Berresford – 25, Kira Christophersen – 25, Yvonne Burnstad – 26, Crystal Stewart – 26, Harry Nibourg – 27, Cara Stewart – 27, Aeral Stefanik – 29, Braydon Ponto – 29, Dave Garstad – 30, Coy Skocdopole – 30 and Wilbur Stewart – 30.

Happy anniversary to Lorne & Pat Parkin – 4, Ross & Marion Annable – 5, Doug & Shirley Stormoen – 23, and Paul & Ariane Jensen – 28.