Welcoming the new resident of the lodge

Monday, July 20, the ladies from the district went to Trochu to host the birthday party of the month.

Pat Holowath and her group of helpers served delicous strawberry shortcake which everyone did enjoy. There were five birthdays this month; Lenora Scheurer, Grace Boyden, Mrytle Upton, Stan Bryan, and Johan Van Mannon. Monday was the day of Mrytle’s birthday which was nice. She looked lovely having just had her hair done and ready to party.

There is a new resident (Lilly Tetz) in the lodge having just arrived the day before. Her birthday was in June so we sang for her as well and gave her a gift which the Rumsey Ag. Society funds for us. Thanks.

Bob Smith of Elnora was on hand to supply lively accordion music. He was solo that day as his partner Ray Duft was under the weather.

Laura Griffith will be the hostess in August. Marion Stiekle and her group will be on hand to entertain. Come and join us for tea and have a visit with the residents. They really enjoy this as it gives them some info from outside the lodge.

Good news, good news; An update about our area hospital patients:

Leonard Steen has been to Red Deer and has had his surgery and is now home cutting the grass, (a little at a time, he says.)

Sunday, July 19 was Glen Trout’s birthday so he booked a day pass from the Stettler hospial and drove home for the day to visit his dogs and check out the place. His nephew is keeping the home fires burning in his absence. Glen visited Pat and Jess Block and then went on to Mel and Dariel’s for a visit. Glen has been to Calgary and has his surgery and now is spending some time in Stettler before returning home.

Sharon’s Dad, Elgin Lifeso is also doing very well after his surgery and that’s good to hear.

Fred Upton has been in the Drumheller hospital for surgery and is now home again for a couple of weeks already.

The same goes for Abbie McNaughton; she was in hospital for a couple of weeks after having a fall. She also has been out of hospital for a couple of weeks. Sorry I missed out on both of your progress but as you know, I was away holidaying for a while.

Sunday, Aug. 9 is the date of the 2009 STARS ride at the Red Deer River on the west side of the Tolman Bridge. There will be activities going on all day long beginning with the early morning breakfast cooked up by the Rumsey fire dept. Staff from the STARS office in Calgary will be on hand to offer for sale STARS souvenirs. The STARS helicopter will be arriving in the afternoon for all to see and explore.

Sunday, July 26, there was a community shower held in the Rowley community hall for Landelle and Bryan at 2 p.m. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon of parlour games and getting to meet Bryan.

There is an open invitation to everyone to come to their wedding dance the following Saturday, Aug. 1 in the Rumsey community hall. The happy couple will be making their home in Red Deer following their wedding.

It only seems a short time now until the end of August when the Rumsey Flower Show will be held, Wednesday, Aug. 26. If you haven’t already got your prize lists, call Dianna McBride at 368-2436 There are some available at the post office.

Visiting with Jim and Laurette LaVallee for a couple of days was her friends from Winnipeg, Louise.

The temperature in this area was very hot for a couple of days this weekend and we are still in very bad need of rain here.

Some folks from the area took in the wagon races held in Drumheller over the weekend. We went Sunday when it was a little cooler as reports of the temperature on Saturday being 38 C.