Welcoming back students and teachers

The school doors opened last week with a full slate of students and teachers ready to begin a new year.

The school doors opened last week with a full slate of students and teachers ready to begin a new year. Ms. Desiree Bargholz is new to our school and joins the staff from last year.  We welcome Ms. Bargholz  and welcome back Ms. Sherri Beier, Mr. Mike Courtney, Mrs. Tracey Turre, who is back from maternity leave, Ms. Kara Zilinski and Mrs. Maki Baird.  Bus drivers are Mrs. Melody Kent and Mr. Darcy Mabbott.  The school custodian is Kim Fath.  The students union successfully manned a booth at the Elks’ bull-a-rama in August with cotton candy and popcorn while the parent council ran the food booth. Mother Teresa will hold their awards night on Sept. 24;  students will participate in the Terry Fox run at Theresetta school on Sept. 25, and on Sept. 28 the parent school council will meet at 7 p.m. with everyone is welcome to come down and meet the teachers.

At this time of year we also like to check in with our graduates from last spring.  Jaycey Gamroth is at Augustana University in Camrose in a Kinesiology course working toward an occupational therapist certification;  Shane Neilson is taking a  heavy equipment operators course in Drumheller;  Seth Neufeld is working with a custom harvesting crew at Lethbridge and Jillian Schaffner is taking her B. of Commerce at the University of Calgary.  Other students attaining a secondary education at Red Deer college include Ryan Dahmer – third year Business Adm. ; Elliott Mabbott – third year, electrical engineering ; and Max Schaffner – third year Kinesiology.  At the U of Lethbridge we have Kassidy Hronek – second year Criminal Justice and Amber Neilson – fourth year Special Need teacher.

Sympathy to the family of Alice (Wiltse) Vincett her story is on page 674 of the Halkirk Home fires history book.

Relatives of the late Ed Merrett (story on page 175 in the Halkirk Home fires book) were in the area last week.  Ed lived in the area in 1906 on the late Dick Hughes farm.  Ed’s relatives Peter Curtis and his wife are from Dorset, England.

Correction for HOJA: they are in Castor on Saturday Sept. 26 at 7p.m.

Coming up – Sept. 23 – COW bus in town at village office; Oct. 8 – Popovich entertainers in the Hall for afternoon performance;  Oct. 17 – Elks’ annual oyster fry and white elephant sale.