Welcome week winners “Hurricane Enyedy”, volleyball action is already underway

With the start of school, the staff and students of Wm. E. Hay celebrated being back with our annual welcome week activities.

Welcome back everybody.

With the start of school, the staff and students of Wm. E. Hay celebrated being back with our annual welcome week activities. Each of our leadership groups- Students’ Union, S.A.D.D, Be the Change, the Fine Arts Board, and the Athletic Board-organized various activities to take place every day last week, for all 28 TA classes to take part in. They included a tug-o-war, three-legged obstacle course, over-under water balloon races and a multi-task relay race. These took place during our TA and Flex time periods, which are new additions to our timetable this year. Every activity ended with points being awarded to teams placing in the top five. The team with the most points at the end of the week long competition won. Coming in at first place was team, “Hurricane Enyedy,” with team “Optimorris Prime” following in second. The winning team will be awarded with a pizza party on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

The goal of welcome week was to build team spirit within each TA group and build up our school spirit at Wm. E Hay as a new school year rolls in. Both students and teachers enjoyed the activities last week.

The Students’ Union also held a welcome week BBQ last Friday. You could receive a pop and hamburger for $3.00, with the proceeds going to a local Women’s Shelter.

The school year started out with a field trip for both the grade nines and tens. Over 300 students were bussed to Calgary to take in the World Skills Competition being held at the Stampede grounds. It was a unique experience for all, as students witnessed people from around the world competing for the title of best in the world. A variety of trades were represented from cabinet making and automation production, to floristry and baking.

Extracurricular activities have begun. The football team has played two games this year, while the Sr. Boys and Girls volleyball team have competed in a tournament. The senior girls team won the B side of their tournament, which took place last weekend, in Camrose. Go Cats Go.

As we begin a new school year, we also welcome students from around the world. This semester, we welcome Christopher Pederson from Denmark, Tina Bashin, Max Baxmann, and Tim Rudloff from Germany. Also joining them are Augusta Sophie-Gronli from Norway, and Mizuha Nakashima from Japan. We also welcome back Charles Lee, Aya Shimizu and Eun Bi Kim, who were in Stettler last year as well. That’s all for this week – stayed tuned next week for more from Wm. E. Hay.