Welcome to babies of the new year

GADSBY/WESTWOODS -- A mix of tradition and a twist to the menu for Stan and Gloria Diegel who started with supper and movies.

GADSBY/WESTWOODS — A mix of tradition and a twist to the menu for Stan and Gloria Diegel who started with supper and movies at Greg and Richelle’s on the 23rd; Dec. 24 at Arden and Deanne’s; Christmas Day at Stan and Gloria’s with Richelle and Greg and family, Ybiett and girl; then Dec. 26 everyone: Tasha and Aaron and family; Wade and Ybiett and family; Arden and Deanne and family as well as Richelle and Greg and their family. The turkey remained in the store, the family enjoyed such delicacies as shrimp, oysters, etc.; a fun celebration for all.

Happy belated birthday to Stan Diegel, Dec. 22. The family all went out for supper, then back to the farm. Happy Dec. 22 birthday to Haley Bigney as well.

Bill and Joyce Hansel celebrated an early Christmas on Dec. 19 with Sandra and family in Stettler at Denee and Jason’s, everyone there. Christmas Eve they visited Dewey and Joanne Hoopfer (happy birthday, Joanne!); then to Grant and Judy Musgrove’s on way home.

Christmas day Joyce’s sister Betty Stotz came to the farm for the day; a restful week for Bill and Joyce. New Year’s Day they enjoyed supper with Marie Vance, Marie’s brother Ken and Joanne Miller were there as was Joanne’s mom Lillian Schell.

Jim and Ethel Baird had a post Christmas supper organized by daughter Lynn. Lynn and Doug Potter, Lauren and Clint and their three girls, and Dustin were all there.

Percy and Paulette Heer started on the 22nd with daughter Christy and Curtis and family who stayed two nights before heading to Lavern and Nadine Wideman’s ; Christmas Day saw John and Jewel and Bailey, Jeanne Beisel, Barry and Lorna. Paulette and Jeanne traveled by phone to Norway to wish Jan and Irene God Jul (Merry Christmas). Then on Dec. 28, Jewel’s mom and dad, June and Wallace Winter came, staying overnight and celebrating with John and Jewel, Hannah and Bailey, Percy and Paulette.

Births to celebrate during December: on Thursday, Dec. 17, Frank and Eleanor Dahlgren drove to Viking hospital to see their new great granddaughter Skye Patricia Walgenbach, who weighed seven pounds two ounces. Mom and dad, Holly and Dane are doing well, proud grandparents are Cecil and Pat Walgenbach; great grandparents Vern and Kay Hansen; Eleanor and Frank Dahlgren.

Dec. 19 Gabriel Gerhart Houstein arrived, born in the Stettler hospital, he weighed eight pounds 4.8 ounces. Parents are Kathryn and Trevor Houstein, proud grandparents Kathy and Larry Tuck, Susan and Keith Houstein and Duane Morlock. Congratulations to all the above!

We said farewell to community friends as well. Sympathies go out to Margaret Connon and family on the passing of Nelson Connon Dec. 29. Nelson grew up in the Westwoods area, farmed for many years before he and Margaret moved to Stettler. He will be buried in the Gadsby Cemetery, private family graveside service. He was 76.

Also Agnes Rushton passed away Dec. 31. Condolences to the family. Agnes was a great supporter of the Gadsby Omega Circle and kept in touch with many of her friends in the district. Her funeral was Tuesday, Jan. 5. Agnes was 97 years young.