Welcome rain hits Halkirk district

Part of the community received much needed rain and some soft hail this past week.

The thirteenth annual Camp Teckla, with 150 basketball players, wrapped up on Friday, July 10. Leighann Doan and hubby Chad Reimer headed up the camp instructors and reported that everything went well. The Reimers, from Three Hills, stayed with Leighann’s parents, Bernie and Bernice and the grandparents cared for Dayley and Jackson while mom and dad were busy.

There was a pig roast held in Halkirk this past weekend at the sports grounds.

Dorothy Phillips from Red Deer was a recent visitor with her sister, Anne Neilson.

Alex and Deanna Montbriand from Qu’Appelle, SK are presently visiting with Kent and Evelyn Johnson. Evelyn is a sister to Alex.

Jeanne and Emma Nozahic from Coubrevoie (near Paris) in France are spending three weeks holiday in Canada with Helen Morel and her family.

Delyth and Lyn Lewis from Newcastle Emlyn in Wales spent part of their three week holiday with members of the Anderson families. It was very wet when they left Wales and everyone was hoping they would bring the rain with them.

The Halkirk fire department responded to a two-car collision north of Halkirk on Highway 855. Helping the department was Peggy and Terry Vockeroth. After a few tense days, the Mabbott girls are both home and recovering just fine. Ross Elsasser helped calm the girls at the scene which the family appreciated.