Welcome mat goes out for Mrs. Lynn

The Stettler Elementary School kindergarten classes participated in Pete the Cat day.

The Stettler Elementary School kindergarten classes participated in Pete the Cat day. The students hunted for Pete the Cat around the school, played on Pete the Cat game boards, participated in a button relay and played a Pete the Cat dice game.

We love Pete the Cat’s motto: “No matter what happens, it’s all good!”

The kindergarten kids in KSN, KKT and KDB also made Australian hand-dot art to get ready for Aussie Days.

Teachers had a great PD day last Wednesday, with time for grade-level collaborating and whole-staff discussions about resiliency and ideas about entire-school activities.

SES staff met up with the SMS and high school staff for a quick lunch that was delicious. Thanks again to SMS staff for hosting.

Grade 1 students have been learning about their senses and have been doing taste and hearing tests. Last week, the students tasted things like pickles, pretzels, lemons and oranges. They also started Minute To Win It games. The kids are really enjoying it.

The 2SG class sang songs and recited poems for the seniors at the hospital on Monday. The students also gave them Valentine’s Day cards and a chocolate heart.

Grade 5 students have been staying late after school, working hard on their science fair projects. The projects were due Monday, and they will be on display this week, ready for judging!

Monday was “kangaroo jacket” (hoodies) day in preparation for Aussie Days, which kick off today. We have all been very excited about this day!

All the teachers are dressing as Aussie tourists and all the kids are in their team colours, which are red, green, blue and yellow.

We are all very happy to have Mrs. Lynn back at our school. She is teaching four days a week. Her energy, smile and caring personality were missed. She is doing great and is such a wonderful example of strength and resilience.

Welcome back, Mrs. Lynn.

Cute quote of the week: The students were talking to a teacher about where they were born. The students reported places like Stettler, Canmore, Edmonton and the Philippines, and one boy in the back told the class, “I wasn’t born.”

“Oh, that’s interesting,” the teacher said, “but you are sitting right there.”

“Yeah, I’m just not ready to be born yet.”