Weather made it hard to get to crib tables on Sunday – Big Valley Bulletin

The 2011 winter session of the popular program “1,2,3…Sing With Me!” will begin on Jan. 19 with a new facilitator. Held every Wednesday morning from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in the basement of the Big Valley United Church, this free, family-literacy based program is for parents/caregivers of children 0 to 5 years of age. Come discover the importance of talking, singing and rhyming as you enjoy some fun, quality one-on-one time with your child. For more information, please call Crystal Bardwell at 876-2426.

The Big Valley United Church would like to announce that the presbytery third year oversight visit will be held on Monday, Jan. 17. Potluck supper will be at 6 p.m., followed by the meeting with the boards and congregations of the Big Valley/Erskine/Botha Pastoral Charge. If you consider yourself a part of the Big Valley congregation, you are invited to attend. Then on Sunday, Jan. 30, the annual congregational meeting will follow the regular 9 a.m. service.

Despite the weekend’s terrible weather conditions, crib at the drop-in centre attracted eight people this past Sunday, Jan. 9 with everyone enjoying the game and good eats. 1st was Edna Sugden, 2nd John Palmer, and 3rd Bob Boswell with this week’s booby going to Jim Paul. If you are a crib player, pop in on Sundays. New players are always welcome.

Only six people made it out to crib at the Big Valley Inn this weekend. 1st went to Ernie Petrussa, 2nd to Margaret Levesque, and 3rd to Bob Authenac. The booby went to Caroline Pound. Everyone had a great time. Crib is held every Sunday afternoon, beginning at 1 p.m. New players are always welcome.

January Birthdays

Ross Annable – 1, Gillian Gridley – 1, Nicole Zoller – 1, Rick Kargaard – 2, Tom Fraser – 3, Jim Brenchley – 4, Art Tizzard – 8, Logan Hermus – 8, Ariane Jensen – 8, Marguarite Kerbes – 12, Mike Noon-Ward – 12, Don Saar – 15, Rod Miller – 17, Keelan Stefanik – 17, Reece Stefanik – 17, Peggy Melnyk – 18, Micah Toews – 19, Ryan Stormoen – 21, Curt Watts – 22, Marian Reinhart – 25, Katherine Stillinger-Winegarden – 26, Charlese Gridley – 27, Chase Skocdopole – 28, Brady Duncan – 28, Ann Tizzard – 30.