Visited by Christmas Elf

Happy New Year! Christmas has come and gone and once again I have been reminded of how very fortunate we are

Big Valley Bulletin

Happy New Year! Christmas has come and gone and once again I have been reminded of how very fortunate we are to live in a community where the people care so much about their village and their neighbours.

During our eight years of residency in this amazing little village, my daughter and I have often found ourselves on the receiving end of “random acts of kindness.” From “snow angels” who anonymously do away with the snow from our front walk to the ladies who so faithfully deliver their delicious home baked goodies every year just before Christmas to the amazing handmade gifts we have been so privileged to receive, the spirit of caring and sharing that defines this community continues to amaze me.

This year the “Christmas Elf” visited our home again. On the weekend before Christmas, we awoke to find four, very large, wonderfully wrapped boxes sitting on our back stoop. Bringing them into the house, we were astounded to discover a fully cooked, and still warm Christmas dinner. Containers overflowed with turkey, dressing, gravy, fresh baked buns, handmade chocolates, blueberry cheesecake…each box opened to reveal amazing, mouth-watering goodies from the main course to desert, even beverages, much too numerous to list. We could have set our table and hosted a dinner for 10 hungry people. Included with this banquet were little notes with descriptions of recipes and words of encouragement for the Christmas season.

Why we have been chosen to be the recipients of these marvelous gifts can only be attributed to the kind and generous hearts of the wonderful people of this community. There are no words to adequately express our heartfelt appreciation to our “Christmas Elf” for this marvelous feast. Big Valley is certainly a very special place filled with some amazing people and we feel incredibly privileged to be part of this astonishing little community.

Seven players braved the frigid temperatures this past Sunday to come to the first Big Valley Inn Crib tournament of 2015. First place went to Stan Nattestad, second to Teresa Greig, third to Dorothy Annabel while Gloria Emblau took home the booby. Dorothy Annabel won the regular draw and Caroline Pound won the 50/50. The next crib tournament will be next Sunday, Jan. 11. Newcomers as well as the regulars are always welcome to play. Crib starts at 1:00 p.m.

The first Legion meeting for 2015 will be on Monday, Jan. 12 at the Big Valley Legion Hall beginning at 2:00 p.m.

January birthday greetings go out to Takaleah Daychief – 1, Ross Annable – 1, Nicole Zoller – 1, Tom Fraser – 3, Jim Brenchley – 4, Marj Olive-Kilpatrick – 5, Lawrence Wilkie – 6, Art Tizzard – 8, Ariane Jensen – 8, Danny Webster – 11, Owen Jake Stewart – 11, Marguarite Kerbes – 12, Mike Noon-Ward – 12, Indianna Soboleski – 13, Don Saar – 15, Rod Miller – 17, Bill Kirtley Jr. – 17, Keelan Stefanik – 17, Reece Stefanik – 17, Thomas Cassidy Jr. – 17, Micah Toews – 19, Curt Watts – 22, Marian Rinehart – 25, Katherine Stillinger-Winegarden – 26, John Bolton – 26, Chad Kirtley – 27, Chase Skocdopole – 28, Austin Daychief – 28, Brady Duncan – 28, Ann Tizzard – 30, Devon Boulding – 31, Aaron Stewart – 31, and Adam Stewart – 31.